The eight Greatest Laptop Temperature Monitor Apps

Heat creates chaos on computers, especially laptops. Tight housings and dust accumulations can lead to poor air circulation. Without circulation, the heat generated inside cannot go anywhere.

Ignoring heat problems is the safest way to destroy a laptop. You thought it would slow down because it was old? That is partly true, but not the whole story.

Heat can significantly affect the performance of computer components, with hard drives being the most vulnerable. If your hard drive appears to be dying, first check the inside temperature. Fortunately, checking temperatures is as easy as using one of these free heat monitor apps.

If your main concern is the temperature of a hard drive, CrystalDiskInfo is the place for you. This is a special utility for managing the health of hard drives and SSDs. It is so useful that we consider it an indispensable diagnostic tool for Windows users

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Thanks to the clear and user-friendly interface, you can easily navigate through all the information that is available to you. And with all of its advanced features, it's practical enough for power users, not just newbies.

Notable features include:

  • Monitors the temperatures for all system hard drives and SSDs.
  • Health status estimates the overall health of each drive.
  • Incoming diagnostics for all read / write drive values.
  • Detailed graphs for HDD and SSD values ​​over time.
  • Available in 32-bit and 64-bit, installed or portable.

Download: CrystalDiskInfo for Windows (free)

Core temperature temperature monitoring tool

Core Temp is a fast, accurate and flexible laptop temperature monitor. A word of warning: The installation program is delivered with bundleware! You can avoid this by unchecking the box. However, you must pay attention to this during installation. Otherwise there are no ads.

Notable features include:

  • System tray icon with real-time information.
  • Select the sensor that you want to appear in the system tray icon.
  • Overheat protection notifies when the temperature is too high.
  • Tracks system hardware details for reference.
  • Checks for BIOS and driver updates.

Download: Core temperature for Windows (free)

hwinfo 64 temperature monitor

HWiNFO is a lightweight diagnostic tool with which detailed hardware information and monitoring systems can be checked in real time. It is much easier to use than it sounds. It is also actively updated – a new version every 1-2 months, which is ideal for state-of-the-art systems.

Notable features include:

  • System tray icon with real-time information.
  • Reports for CPU, RAM, hard drives, SSDs, battery and more.
  • Allows remote monitoring of sensor data.
  • Available in 32-bit and 64-bit, installed or portable.

Download: HWiNFO for Windows (free)

hwmonitor temperature monitoring

HWMonitor is one of the most trusted system monitoring apps currently available. The free version is more than enough to keep an eye on the temperature, but there is a pro version with advanced features (e.g. graphics generation) for 20 euros.

Notable features include:

  • Read each sensor with voltages, temperatures or fans.
  • Save the monitoring data for troubleshooting in a log.
  • Checks for BIOS and driver updates.
  • Available in 32-bit and 64-bit, installed or portable.

Download: HWMonitor for Windows (free)

Windows 10 monitor Macs fan control

If you're running Windows on a Mac, it gets a little tricky because a Mac's hardware has some proprietary quirks.

The good news is that there is a free app that is specifically designed for you Macs Fan Control. It is easy to use and highly recommended.

Notable features include:

  • System tray icon with real-time temperature.
  • Select the sensor that you want to appear in the system tray icon.
  • Set custom minimum / maximum fan speeds based on sensor values.
  • Supports third party hard drive and SSD sensors.
  • Supports any model: iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini, Mac Pro.

Download: Macs Fan Control for Windows (Free)

Speedfan temperature monitor

In addition to possible hardware damage, high system temperatures are problematic because the fans on your laptop work overtime. A hard-working fan wears out faster, but more importantly, fast-rotating fans are loud. Much louder than expected. Of the many ways to silence loud laptop fans

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It is easiest to control the fan revolutions per minute (rpm) manually with SpeedFan.

The nice thing is that SpeedFan also offers functions for temperature monitoring. So it's similar to a 2-in-1 app – just not as advanced as the others above.

Notable features include:

  • System tray icon with real-time information.
  • Read each sensor with voltages, temperatures or fans.
  • Set custom minimum / maximum fan speeds based on sensor values.
  • Set incorrect temperature values ​​on the sensors and correct them.
  • Chart values ​​over time for troubleshooting.

Download: SpeedFan for Windows (free)

Open Hardware Monitor Temp Monitor Laptops

Open Hardware Monitor is similar to HWiNFO and HWMonitor, but is open source. In fact, Open Hardware Monitor was considered a dead project because it had not received an update since 2016 (which meant that Open Hardware Monitor no longer worked with the latest hardware).

However, in early 2020, Open Hardware Monitor updates were introduced to update the laptop temperature monitoring tool for the latest CPUs, GPUs and other hardware.

Notable features include:

  • Read most sensors with voltages, temperatures or fans.
  • Save the sensor data for troubleshooting in a log.
  • View data on a remote web server.
  • Portable, so no installation is required.

Download: Open the hardware monitor for Windows (free)

NZXT CAM temperature monitoring tool

NZXT CAM is a tool for temperature and hardware monitoring with a clear user interface and numerous options.

You might write down the name of the developer NZXT. NZXT manufactures a range of PC hardware, and as such, NZXT CAM works very well with their hardware. For example, you can use NZXT CAM to control case lights, fan speeds, supply voltages, and more, if supported.

Notable features include:

  • Read a variety of temperature, fan and speed sensors.
  • Control NZXT compatible hardware.
  • Customizable user interface.
  • Displays detailed system specifications.
  • Optional gaming overlay.

Download: NZXT CAM for Windows (free)

Tips for reducing laptop temperatures

Make sure you check the temperatures when your laptop is idle (without running apps) and under load (with high-performance apps). A high idle temperature can deteriorate under load just like a high peak. Learn more about how hot is too hot for a PC.

If it gets too hot, don't worry. You have options.

We have many tips on how to fix an overheated laptop and some other tips on how to keep your PC cool. The most effective steps are to remove the inner dust that is always used on a hard, flat surface and add a laptop cooling pad

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