The best way to Set up and Optimize Minecraft on Linux: Eight Key Steps

Minecraft is arguably one of the most popular games on the market. But running the game properly can be a challenge. For Linux users, optimizing Minecraft can be a challenge if you don't know what you're doing.

While Minecraft usually runs well, systems with lower specifications can occasionally run into performance issues. Regardless of whether you have a top-end gaming PC or an older, humble laptop, these Minecraft optimization tips will help make the game run smoother.

How can you make Minecraft run faster?

As with most modern video games, the successful use of Minecraft depends on several factors. With correct video drivers, system optimizations and much more, Minecraft can run more reliably and even faster.

This manual describes the following ways to get the most out of Minecraft on Linux.

  1. Beef your PC
  2. Prepare to play
  3. Install the latest drivers
  4. Update your Java runtime
  5. Add Optifine to Minecraft
  6. Use the performance mode of your CPUs
  7. Monitor performance with Minecraft's debugging console
  8. Optimize the video settings of the game

Let's take a closer look at these tips for minecraft optimization.

1. Beef the system hardware of your PC

Minecraft should work on all but the most modest computer systems. There's even a version for the Raspberry Pi that gives you an idea of ​​how flexible it can be.

To prepare your Linux PC for Minecraft, take a moment to evaluate the CPU, RAM and graphics card. Our guide to upgrades improves PC performance

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should help you make the right decision. (Spoiler: The best results can be achieved in most cases by upgrading your RAM!)

2. Prepare your computer for gaming

Next, make sure your computer is ready in some other way.

First update your operating system. Make sure you're using the latest version of Ubuntu, Arch Linux, no matter what operating system you rely on.

Before starting Minecraft, make sure all software updates are complete and no other apps are running. Additional activities in the background affect game performance. So it's best to make sure your computer is focused on Minecraft.

3. Get the latest graphics drivers

Optimize Minecraft for Linux

As with any other game, it is also important to make sure that you are using the latest graphics drivers.

Graphics driver for Linux

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can be installed by AMD and Nvidia, while Intel graphics drivers are also provided. If you prefer open drivers, install them using the Oibaf and X-Edgers PPA repositories

Do you need more or updated software? Try these 7 Ubuntu PPAs

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4. Update your Linux kernel

To get the best performance from Minecraft on Linux, it is advisable to take some time to evaluate the kernel. The more current the kernel is, the better the performance.

Ubuntu users can easily get the latest information from the Ubuntu Mainline Kernel Repository. However, it is wiser to update the kernel only if you are using Intel or open source drivers. Proprietary drivers from AMD and Nvidia typically take time to add support for new kernels.

Therefore, it is wiser to stick to your current kernel if you are using AMD or Nvidia graphics card drivers.

5. Get the latest Java runtime environment

While the Windows and MacOS versions of Minecraft have evolved beyond Java, the Linux version has not evolved.

It is therefore important that you run the latest version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). The latest version of the JRE can be downloaded from the Oracle Java website. While this version is installed in the latest Minecraft installer, it is advisable to keep an eye on the JRE to ensure that it is up to date.

For more information, see our guide to installing Minecraft on Linux

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More information can be found here.

6. How to add the OptiFine Mod to Minecraft

Mods for Minecraft usually supplement or improve existing functions. The OptiFine mod can be installed on Minecraft to make various changes to the stick game. But what does Optifine actually do?

Optifine adds things like:

  • Improved FPS (frames per second)
  • High resolution textures
  • Shaders and dynamic lights
  • Anti-aliasing

You'll also find configurable animations for things like water, explosions, and more. On the Optifine homepage you will find detailed information on how the mod works. If you want to get the most out of Minecraft on Linux, you need the Optifine mod.

Download: Optifine Ultra (free)

6. Switch the CPU to performance mode

Although the difference will most likely be minimal, you can also change the CPU frequency scaling slider to "Performance".

In most cases, the frequency of your CPU will be reduced to save power. However, it also takes time to resize it for games and other processor-intensive tasks.

If you set the controller to "Performance", the CPU will run at maximum frequency all the time.

Note that this uses a lot more electricity. It is therefore unsuitable if you run Minecraft on battery power. It is also not wise to use performance mode when trying to keep your energy costs down.

All you need to do is run the following command in a terminal before starting the game:

cpupower frequency set -g power

Once that's done, you're ready to go. When you're done, just run the same command, but replace performance with "ondemand" or just restart your computer.

Performance mode is not the same as overclocking, which makes the CPU run faster than expected. The power regulator is safe and will not cause any damage as long as your PC fans are properly ventilated.

7. Use the Debug menu to monitor Minecraft performance

Minecraft has a hidden overlay that can be activated to keep an eye on performance.

If you have problems with the game in Minecraft, hit F3 displays the debug menu overlay. This displays information such as your location on the map, memory used, amount allocated, FPS and block updates.

FPS and chunk updates are key to keeping track of Minecraft's performance. If the FPS rate is low (below 30), the game will jerky – this worsens as the rate decreases.

The chunk refresh rate depends on how fast you move around the world. Chunks are 16 x 16 blocks wide and 256 blocks high. On faster computers, you'll see the map expand around you quickly. With a slower machine, however, this is sluggish and the distance field is much shorter – maybe just four chunks.

As long as the chunk updates are high and the FPS is above 50, you should enjoy a smooth Minecraft session.

8. Optimize Minecraft video settings

But what if the FPS and chunk rates are low? What else can you do to optimize Minecraft for your PC?

The Video Settings menu contains a number of options that allow you to customize Minecraft to your hardware. Hit during your game Esc> Options> Video Settings Then set that graphic, soft light, Render distance (Chunks) and FPS.

Adjust these settings to find the right balance between great game play and stutter free play.

Minecraft should now run faster

By now, an optimized, more efficient, and nicer version of Minecraft should be running.

If not, this may be because your system specification does not meet the requirements. In this case, try Minetest, a not so good free clone from Minecraft.

Lighter and written in C ++, this is efficient software with lower system requirements. It is definitely worth considering whether you can not optimize Minecraft for Linux and have no alternative.

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