The best way to Mix PDF Recordsdata on a Mac

Do you have multiple PDF documents that you want to combine into one? This is how it works under macOS.

Are your PDF pages split into several different files? Combine all pages or entire PDFs into a single PDF file. It's actually easier to combine PDFs on macOS than you might think.

Combine PDF files on Mac

1. Combine PDF files using the preview

Unless you have another PDF reader installed, the preview is likely your default PDF reader. It's more than just a reader, however: you can use it to merge your PDF files too.

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Essential Tips Mac Preview

With this integrated tool you can combine individual pages as well as entire PDFs.

Combine a PDF file with another PDF

If you want to merge two complete PDF files together, all you have to do is select the PDF file that you want to add to the current PDF file:

  1. Open the first PDF that you want to combine with the preview.

  2. click view and select Thumbnails to enable PDF thumbnails on the left.

  3. On the left, click the page you want to add your other PDF to.

  4. Choose To edit Menu at the top and click Insert> Page From File.

    Combine PDFs with Preview on Mac

  5. Select the other PDF that you want to merge with the current one.

  6. Your PDFs should now be merged. click File> Export as PDF to save your new merged PDF.

Combine pages from one PDF file with another PDF file

If you just want to add some specific pages from one PDF file to another, you can drag your pages from the other PDF file onto the current page.

Here's how:

  1. Open both PDFs with Preview and make sure PDF Thumbnails are checked.

  2. Select all of the pages you want to add in your other PDF. Hold down the button Cmd Multiple page selection button.

  3. Drag all of the selected pages from your secondary PDF file into the thumbnails section of the primary PDF file.

    Combine PDF pages with preview on Mac

  4. Save your combined PDF by clicking File> Export as PDF.

2. Merge PDF files with PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a paid solution ($ 49.99) for working with PDF files on your Mac. The app actually has a lot of PDF editing features so you can't just combine PDFs for that price.

If you use this app instead of Preview, here's how you can use it to combine multiple PDF files.

Combine two PDFs

You can combine two of your PDFs with a single click as follows:

  1. Open your PDF with PDF Expert.

  2. Press the Page thumbnails Icon in the upper left corner.

  3. Choose Attach a file in the top toolbar.

    Merge two PDFs with PDF Expert on Mac

  4. Select the PDF that you want to merge.

Merge more than two PDFs

To combine more than two PDFs, put all of your PDFs in a single folder and do the following:

  1. Open PDF Expert and click File> Merge Files.

    Merge multiple PDF files with PDF Expert on Mac

  2. Select all the PDFs you want to merge and click Merging.

  3. Press the file Menu and choose Save as to save your merged PDF file.

Merge specific pages from one PDF with another PDF

You can drag and drop pages over your PDF files to merge them in PDF Expert. Here's how:

  1. Open your PDF with PDF Expert and click view Settings icon at the top and select Vertical under Split view.

  2. click Select file In the right pane, click your other PDF file.

  3. Press the Page thumbnails Symbol above.

  4. You can now drag pages from one PDF file to another.

    Merge PDF pages with PDF Expert on Mac

3. How to combine two PDFs with Smallpdf

Smallpdf ($ 84 / year) is an online solution for editing and merging PDFs. This is a great option if you don't want to install an app to combine PDFs only once. Some features of this tool are free while others require a subscription. However, there is a seven-day free trial.

To use combined PDFs with Smallpdf:

  1. Open the Smallpdf site and click Choose filesand add your primary PDF.

  2. When your PDF is uploaded, click on either of the two Merge files or Merge Pages depending on what you want to do. Then hit Choose option.

  3. click Add more and add the secondary PDF you want to merge with the primary.

  4. click Merge PDF and the site will merge your two files.

    Combine PDFs with Smallpdf

  5. When your final PDF is ready, click Download to save the file on your computer.

Bring your important PDF pages together

It is time consuming to open various PDF files to access the pages you need. If you do this too often, combine all of your pages into a single PDF using the methods above. That way, you can only open one PDF to access all of your content.

You can use your Mac to do many other things on your PDF file. It's worth checking out these options in case you need to use one of them in the future.


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