The best way to Flip Airplane Mode On or Off on Home windows 11

If you need to cut off all wireless communications on your computer, Airplane mode on Windows 11 is a fantastic way to do it. For example, if you are on a flight with your laptop, the rules require that your computer be in airplane mode for the entire duration of the flight. This ensures that the aircraft's communication system is not disturbed.

If you own a Windows 11 PC and don't know how to turn Airplane Mode on and off, then this article is for you. Read on to find out how to turn Airplane Mode on or off on your computer.

How does airplane mode work?

When airplane mode is turned on on your device, you won't be able to access connections like bluetooth, cellular network, or even Wi-Fi. While there is still debate as to whether or not such transmissions affect aircraft, airlines prefer not to take risks and expect their passengers to keep their electronic devices in flight mode at all times.

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How to enable or disable airplane mode with a physical button

Most laptops today come with a dedicated physical button that enables or disables airplane mode. Depending on your computer, it could be a key or a key on your desktop keyboard. On some devices, it's a switch on the side of your laptop.

To find this button or button, search for an "i" or a radio tower surrounded by waves or an image of an airplane. You will then need to press this button to activate airplane mode on your device.

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How to enable or disable airplane mode in quick settings

The Quick settings Menu is one of the fastest ways to turn on Airplane Mode on your Windows 11 PC. To do this, click on the WiFi symbol in the right corner of your system tray. In the pop-up menu, click the Airplane mode button.

Enable or disable airplane mode in settings

Another way to enable airplane mode on your computer is to do it in the Windows Settings app.

Press Win + me on your keyboard to open the settings Window.

click on Network & Internet.

You can then enable airplane mode by clicking the switch next to the Airplane mode Opportunity.

Keyboard shortcuts to enable or disable airplane mode

If you want to enable airplane mode on your Windows 11 PC with your keyboard, you can go to to start. to press Profit + A Then, to open the Action Center, click on the Airplane Mode icon that you will find on it.

What to do if Windows can't turn off airplane mode

So you've tried to turn off airplane mode on your computer, but to no avail? This could be due to various problems such as software malfunction or a problem with the keys on your keyboard. Whatever the cause, here are some things to try if your computer cannot turn off airplane mode.

Restart your computer

Well, that might seem pretty obvious and straightforward, but it works most of the time. If your computer has a minor technical problem that you cannot solve, try restarting it and try the process again. If airplane mode is stuck, restart your device and try again to turn airplane mode off.

Disable and enable the airplane switch collection

Search your computer under the Device manager for the Collection of flight mode switches Device. Deactivate it and then activate it again. This will work to update Windows 11 and use the airplane mode switches as desired.

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Reinstall the network device

Your device may not be able to turn off airplane mode because of a problem with its network device. To solve such a problem, you need to uninstall the network device. Next, you should restart your computer. This will automatically reinstall the device, restoring functionality.

Bug fix and fix

If you're looking for a faster, automatic solution, consider using the computer's troubleshooting tool for your problem. In order to do this;

  1. Go to settings > system > Troubleshooting >Other bug fixes.

  2. On the Network adapter Section, click Run.

Update your drivers

One of the most common causes of stuck flight modes is a missing or faulty network driver. To fix this, install new drivers on your computer and use a driver update tool to make sure they are all working and in good condition.

Reset your device

If all other means fail, try resetting your Windows 11 to factory settings. If you reset your device to the factory settings, any changes to your software or other incorrect settings that you may have activated with or without intent will be undone.

Consult your manual first

While these steps will work for most Windows 11 devices, be aware that different brands and models may have specific instructions that you need to follow. For this reason, it is best to flip through your manual to be sure which buttons will work best for your device.

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