The best way to Customise Pop!_OS 21.04 With GNOME Tweaks

Would you like to give your Pop! _OS 21.04 Linux installation a personal touch? You can do this very easily with GNOME Tweaks.

A few months after Ubuntu 21.04 was released earlier this year, System72 finally unveiled the highly anticipated Pop! _OS 21.04. One of the major changes in this release is the new COSMIC desktop or computer operating system major interface components that Pop! _OS ships with.

Even if you like the standard look and feel of the new COSMIC desktop, why not go a step further by installing your favorite designs for a more personalized look? In this guide, learn how to do just that.

Install GNOME Tweaks

Because the new COSMIC desktop is an updated version of the GNOME desktop environment, GNOME Tweaks lets you customize the design, icons, cursors, fonts, and other aspects. First, open the GNOME terminal or any other terminal emulator of your choice and run the following command:

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

Once installed, you can open it by looking for searching Optimizations after pressing the Super Key. This launcher can help you open all kinds of applications and settings on your system, including doing calculations and Google searches.

In addition to practical Pop! _OS-specific extensions, the tweaks tool offers a number of options for changing the appearance and behavior of the GNOME shell. This includes the option to change the default theme to a custom theme that you downloaded from the internet.

For advanced users, the Tweaks tool can also help manage the startup applications, configure the GNOME top bar, tile behavior and workspace settings.

Download themes from the Internet

You can download various resources such as GTK Themes, Shell Themes, Icon Packs, Cursors, and other extensions for free from the GNOME Look website. The theme in the screenshots above is the Nordic theme.

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To apply this theme or any other theme from GNOME Look, download the theme tar file and extract it to ~ / .themes within the home directory. Now you can open the Tweaks tool and go to the Look Tab to change the applications and shell design. For symbols, extract the tar file ~ / .icons instead.

if the .subjects or .Symbols If the folder does not exist in the base directory, you can create it yourself with any file explorer or the terminal and store the extracted folder in it. Make sure you add the Period (.) in front of the folder name.

A release of cosmic proportions?

Customizing your Pop! _OS experience is as easy as downloading the design and applying it through GNOME Tweaks, even with the new COSMIC desktop. Overall, the Pop! _OS 21.04 is a great contender for this year's Ubuntu 21.04.

In case you missed the release announcement and want to find out about the latest features in Pop! _OS, here's an article to keep you updated.

Pop! _OS 04/21 Released with COSMIC Desktop: Find out what's new

The latest version of Pop! _OS has been released with a primary focus on improving the user experience.

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