The 7 Greatest Mac Climate Apps

When you can't work on a Mac all day, it can be difficult to know what the conditions are like outside. However, you don't have to guess when you have the right tools.

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We introduce some of the best weather apps for Mac that will tell you exactly what is going on outside.

1. Carrot weather

Carrot Weather Mac

Carrot Weather stands out from the usual weather apps, which is definitely a positive. It takes everything you want into a fully featured weather app and adds a huge dose of snark from the AI ​​of the same name.

Every time you open the app, Carrot's chat and scenery change in hysterical ways depending on the weather. In addition to looking at the hourly weather, you can also display the long-term forecast.

Even when the app isn't open, you can see notifications for just about anything, including the start of precipitation, a severe weather alert, and the daily forecast. You can also find important weather information in the menu bar version of the app. For example, the current temperature for your location is always visible.

Several subscriptions are available to activate additional data sources and other functions. The good news is that the purchase of these products will carry over to the iOS version of the app as well.

Download: Carrot Weather ($ 14.99, subscription available)

2. Living earth

Living Earth Mac

Living Earth is a weather app from a different perspective. The app can be accessed directly from the menu bar of your Mac and combines both a world clock and the ability to display weather conditions and forecasts. It's available in your location as well as in many cities around the world. You can use Weather Underground information to view both two-hour and ten-day forecasts.

The standout feature of the app is the 3D view of the earth with near-live cloud cover maps that allow you to view weather patterns, hurricanes and tropical storms around the world.

As a great touch, the app also has a live wallpaper and screen saver for your Mac. This is a great way to visualize the world on a high resolution Mac display.

Download: Living Earth ($ 6.99)

3. Weather bar

Weather bar Mac

If you're looking for a simple weather app, the weather bar should be at the top of your list. As you might have guessed from the name, you interact with the app from the Mac menu bar.

Click the icon to view the current conditions in a selected location, including temperature, humidity, dew point, and wind speed. A pull-down menu shows a short-term forecast for the next 12 hours.

Download: Weather Bar ($ 1.99)

4. Swackett

Swackett Mac

Swackett often wants to make complex weather data easy to understand for everyone. The headlining function of the app are different person symbols. These "peeps" will always be dressed appropriately for the weather at your location.

For example, if the day is forecast to be hot and sunny, the peep will wear shorts and sunglasses. Visit the Personalization Center to better customize the app and clothing recommendations.

You can view the visual forecast for the next hour, today, tomorrow, and the next day to get a better idea of ​​how the weather is developing. There are also no visual forecasts for the next seven days. The app offers radar images to show precipitation in the area.

The app also supports the MacBook Pro Touch Bar for quick access to weather information. When you talk about it, be sure to check out these other great apps that will make the most of your MacBook Pro Touch Bar.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Download: Swackett ($ 4.99)

5. WeatherBug

WeatherBug Mac

With WeatherBug, a completely free option, you can view the weather at your current location and set favorites from around the world. The network provides forecasts for 2.6 million locations, so you should be able to find information for even the most remote place with ease.

The Mac menu bar gives you easy access to all saved locations, as well as an hourly forecast and live radar. When a severe weather warning is displayed anywhere, a warning is displayed on the menu bar.

The app also gives you quick access to the WeatherBug network of weather and traffic cameras from around the world.

Download: WeatherBug (Free)

6. Clear day

Clear Day Mac

Instead of just reading the weather conditions, Clear Day wants to show you what's going on outside. The app offers beautiful videos showing the weather conditions like rain, snow and clouds.

Another great feature of the app is that it provides an animated NOAA radar widget in the Today view, so you can see every rainfall even without the app open. For more information, refer to the Mac menu bar to view current weather conditions and warnings.

For any city you choose, it's easy to set a customizable temperature alert when the weather is above, below, or a certain temperature. The cities you save will be synced through iCloud so you can access the same information in the iOS version of the app.

After the weather, the app also shows detailed information about the moon phase – including sunrise and sunset – and even an on-screen world clock showing the time in each selected city.

Download: Clear Day ($ 4.99)

7. RadarScope

Radarscope Mac

RadarScope is not for everyone. But if you're a weather enthusiast, or even a professional meteorologist, the app has a ton of great features. It is for sure the best weather radar app for Mac as it lets you view NEXRAD level 3 and high definition radar, forecast storm trails and severe weather warnings.

There are 289 radars to choose from in the US, Canada, Australia, and other countries. The information is automatically updated every two to 10 minutes, depending on the site you choose. The list of active alerts is displayed in the app's sidebar. Just select one to view the details and enlarge the area. Zoom in and out using a mouse or multiple fingers on a trackpad.

Two different subscription levels are available for even more data. Pro Tier 1 offers features like lighting and radar information, while Pro Tier 2 offers everything from Tier 1 along with a 30-day radar archive and more. These levels are also available in the iOS version of the app.

Download: RadarScope ($ 29.99 subscription available)

Mac weather apps to know the temperature and more

With these great weather apps for Mac, you will never be surprised what happens outside – rain or shine.

If you'd rather use your smartphone to check what's going on outside, you should also check out the best weather apps for iPhone.

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