GIFs are used more now than ever as many of them appear on social media. You will see everything from cute kitties to cheeky celebrities, most of whom will put big smiles on your face.

In addition to GIFs that are used for entertainment, there are those that are used for business purposes. They are well suited, for example, to demonstrate steps in a process. You can even use them in articles to give you a helpful picture to accompany the written word.

If you want to try your hand at creating a GIF for business or pleasure, it only has to take you a few minutes of your time. So here are six great GIF makers for Mac to try out.

1. Smart GIF maker

Smart GIF Maker for Mac

The Smart GIF Maker app is a great way to make GIFs on your Mac. When you import your video, the app breaks it down into frames that you can then work with, remove, or edit. You can also use images with the app and import them with the same editing options.

With each frame, you can change the drawing size, use an eraser tool, adjust the background color, and use the eyedropper to adjust colors.

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After editing your frames, you can set the time delay for each and the number of loops on the main screen. When you're done creating your GIF, click preview Click the button above, then export it to your computer when you're happy with it.

Smart GIF Maker is easy to use, has a clean and straightforward interface, and is available for free with an in-app purchase to remove the watermarks.

Download: Smart GIF Maker (Free, In-App Purchases Available)

2. Giphy capture

New user interface for Giphy Capture1

Giphy Capture is a little different from the previous GIF maker. This stays with screen captures to create your GIFs. Click to start recording, then click again to stop. Next, head to the editing area to perfect your creation.

You can adjust the size up to 640 pixels; set the loop type to normal, reverse or ping-pong; and change the frame rate from Standard to Low, High or HD. Then add a fun caption to your GIF. change the text color, style or size; and choose an animation style like Fade or Scale.

If you have an account with Giphy, you can log in and upload your GIF. Or just save it on your computer if you prefer. Giphy Capture is a nice tool with basic editing options that makes creating GIFs from your screen easy.

Download: Giphy capture (free)

3. LICEcap

Licecap new screenshot

Another screen recording and GIF creation tool that you can download directly is LICEcap. This works like Giphy Capture and is just as easy to use. Open it up and adjust the frames per second and the dimensions of the capture window. Then press the Record Button.

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Before recording begins, a pop-up window will appear allowing you to name the file, add tags, change the title frame time, view the elapsed time, and view mouse button presses. You can also add a track, repeat counts, and automatically stop recording after a certain amount of time.

click Save on computer and your recording begins. Blow To stop when you're done.

LICEcap is especially good for screen capturing for business purposes, as opposed to wild GIFs for sharing on social media.

Download: LICEcap (Free)

4. Gifski

Gifski screenshot

Use Gifski to convert videos to GIFs. Drag or click a file into the Gifski window Open Button to search for a video on your Mac. You can then easily select the part of the video that you want to convert to a GIF.

This Mac GIF maker allows you to choose the dimensions for your GIF as well as the frame rate, visual quality and number of loops. You can keep it looping forever, and you can also add it to bounce (here it plays to the end, then backwards, then forward again, etc).

Once Gifski is done, you can copy, share, or save your new GIF on your Mac. Best of all, Gifski is open source and completely free. There are no in-app purchases or watermarks.

Download: Gifski (free)

5. GIFlash

GIFlash screenshot

Like Gifski, GIFlash is free with no restrictions or in-app purchases. This Mac GIF maker works with both videos and photos. Here's how you can convert a video to an animated GIF, or do the same with a series of still images.

Interestingly, you can also mix photos and videos together. You can even move or delete individual frames. And you can choose the part of the screen that you want to record while converting videos.

What you can't seem to be able to do is define how much of a video – in terms of time – you want to load into GIFlash before you start working. You have to load it all up and then trim it down.

However, you can change the frame rate, dimensions, and orientation. You can also add a background color or invert colors to your animation. And you can set the number and intervals of loops.

Download: GIFlash (free)

6. Gifox

Gifox screenshot

Gifox creates animated GIFs on your Mac in two ways. You can upload a video file and convert it to an animated GIF. Or you can capture part of your screen and do the same. The screen recording option allows you to use Gifox to record either part of your screen or a specific app.

The free version limits your recording time to 10 seconds and puts a small watermark in the corner of your GIFs.

Gifox is priced at $ 14.99, which seems expensive. However, if you need to regularly track the content of an app, the investment can be worth it.

That's before you even get into Gifox's settings. In addition to resizing your GIFs, you can set the frame rate, speed multiplier, number of colors, dithering, and more.

Gifox isn't the perfect GIF maker for Mac, but it's worth trying out.

Download: Gifox (Free, Premium version available)

Start by making GIFs on Mac easily

Each of these intuitive tools offers something different from the others. Depending on whether you want to use existing images and videos or screenshots for your GIFs, you should have those covered.

Once you've created your GIFs, they are great to share using email, messaging apps, and social media. However, before you upload your own personal pictures to websites, first make sure you know their privacy policies.

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