Google Docs is usually not a focus of Google I / O presentation. Because of the importance of working together from home, it was the focus this year.

There are a number of new features in Google Docs, but these are the five features I would most like to incorporate into my workflow. These features have just been announced and will not be available for a few months.

Pageless view in documents

In Google Docs, you have always displayed a "page" that is limited by both page breaks and the typical width of a page. The new pageless view offers the possibility to remove these artificial boundaries.

The new formatting also means that it is now really responsive and dynamically adjusts to the size of your window.

Google Meet inception

As part of Google's Smart Canvas initiative, you can now integrate Google Meet directly into Google Docs. Without having to worry about screen sharing or opening multiple windows, you can record a video call right into a document that you are collaborating on.

You can even start a Google Doc right from a Google Meet and access it while you work.

Associated checklists and tagging

Another part of Smart Canvas is a new tagging system that works across all Google Workstation applications. When you type the "@" symbol in a Google Doc, you are now offered links to other documents, collaborators, or even meetings.

The ability to label employees and meetings is also integrated into a new function for linked checklists. These checklists make Google Docs a full-fledged project management tool that you can use to keep track of tasks and tasks.

Including language recommendations

You already get grammar and spelling suggestions in Google Docs, but now Google is making suggestions about a broader language too. The above example offers alternatives to gender-specific words such as "chairman" or "postman".

Google says there will also be suggestions for avoiding passive or offensive language to "make your writing stronger".

Emoji reactions in docs

It's easy to do, but the more collaborative Google Docs becomes, the more useful it is to incorporate more chat-like features into Google Docs.

Using emoji reactions is a simple method that allows you to respond to comments with a wide variety of emoji.

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