So you've heard of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) and you know you need one to access geoblocked content and browse the internet privately.

However, the problem you have is that you have a Mac and you want to make sure that the VPN you get works well with macOS and your Mac's hardware.

We are here to help. Below are the best VPNs out there for Mac computers right now. We'll go into the strengths and weaknesses for each so you can instantly find the perfect VPN for your Mac.

Let's start this list with one of the top rated VPNs out there. ExpressVPN offers security and privacy features that keep your personal information hidden, whether you're on a public Wi-Fi or shopping online at home.

It offers additional security features that aren't very common in other VPNs, such as: B. Split tunneling so that some of your browsing can take place normally while other parts of it are anonymous and hidden from the VPN.

It also has a kill switch so that internet traffic cannot get to your computer even if the VPN connection fails. This keeps your private browsing private no matter what. It also has great encryption methods.

In addition to these security features, ExpressVPN is fast. With over 3,000 VPN servers in 160 locations in 94 countries, ExpressVPN can work anywhere, pretending you're basically anywhere you want.

Available on almost every operating system and internet-enabled device in the world, including Macs and macOS, ExpressVPN has an easy-to-understand user interface and great live chat support should you ever need it.

Overall, we would call ExpressVPN one of the most versatile VPNs out there. The prices are pretty reasonable too, with plans available at $ 6.67 per month for 15 months.

If you get it and don't like it, ExpressVPN also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee that many other VPNs don't. However, we believe you will like it, especially if you are getting your first VPN and just want an overall winner!

Download: ExpressVPN for Mac (subscription required)

For a VPN that is on par with ExpressVPN in quality while also being cheaper, look no further than NordVPN.

Easy to use and incredibly reliable, NordVPN offers speeds similar to ExpressVPN and similar security features. Its encryption is incredibly powerful and the kill switch function is also available for individual apps.

Its impressive speed is due to 5,500 servers in 59 countries. Furthermore, there are no bandwidth limits and you can safely use NordVPN as many times as you want.

At $ 4.13 per month for two years or $ 4.92 per month for one year, NordVPN isn't the cheapest option on this list, but it's cheaper than ExpressVPN.

So, if you're looking for an overall solid VPN Mac application with very little hassle for less, NordVPN is for you.

Download: NordVPN for Mac (subscription required)

3. Surf shark

By looking at this list, your goal is to have a VPN that will work well on your Mac. But maybe you don't have a list of the security features or speeds you need. Maybe you are more concerned about the price.

There are free VPN services and free VPN clients for Mac that should be considered in this case. But VPN apps can generally give you more privacy and more services, even cheap ones like Surfshark.

For just $ 2.49 a month for two years, you can have a VPN that doesn't log any of your activity while you're using it, and gives you unlimited use of the VPN on your various devices. That means you can use Surfshark on your Mac, other computers, your phone, and your tablet. And it can run on all of them at the same time!

Surfshark is great for unlocking Netflix libraries in other countries and it runs at incredibly fast speeds. It also offers a whitelist so you can use some things like your banking apps locally while other apps and websites go through the VPN.

Surfshark may not have as many servers as ExpressVPN or NordVPN, but it still works well, even at its low price. If your goal is to save money while protecting your Mac, this is certainly the VPN we would recommend.

Download: Surfshark for Mac (subscription required)

Are you planning to stream a lot of videos through your Mac's VPN? For that, you need a VPN that can deliver fast internet speeds, and Hotspot Shield may be the fastest VPN out there.

With a speed of 400 Mbit / s, Hotspot Shield has over 3,200 servers in over 80 countries. If you want to watch TV shows and movies from the UK or Japan while sitting in the comfort of your US home, this is probably the VPN for you.

Although the app is free to use, you need the premium version of Hotspot Shield to get multiple location options and those super fast speeds. The premium version costs $ 7.99 per month, but is optimized for streaming Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Disney +, and more.

For that price, you can use Hotspot Shield on five devices. For use on up to 25 devices, you can invest in the similarly optimized Premium Family Plan for USD 11.99 per month.

Hotspot Shield might be a slightly bigger investment than other options on this list. But if you want to see and read speed, decent security, and things from other parts of the world, you certainly won't be disappointed.

Download: Hotspot Shield for Mac (Free, subscription available)

5. Mullvad

For those who value privacy above all else, a VPN is a natural service to invest in. But you can go a step further by getting yourself a VPN that you don't even have to set up an account to use. Mullvad is such a VPN.

With an advanced kill switch, Shadowsocks encryption, WireGuard automatic key rotation to keep your IP address changing, and a cryptographically signed installer, Mullvad is all about security and protecting your privacy.

You can even pay your monthly $ 6.13 (€ 5.00) in cash to Mullvad if you never want to save your credit card information on your computer.

While Mullvad may not integrate seamlessly with streaming websites or, like other VPNs, be designed to unblock geographically located content, this is definitely something you should consider if you want to keep your activities super private on your Mac.

Download: Mullvad for Mac

Which VPN do you get for your Mac?

Macs are pretty safe computers and have great internet security and privacy features. But you can make your Mac more secure and access more content by using a VPN.

Hopefully, our list of our favorite VPNs for Macs will help you find the right one for your Mac and your needs. Whether you are focused on speed, security, or just want to get a good all-rounder, we believe you can find the VPN for you above.

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