The 5 Finest Colour Picker Apps for Mac

How cool would it be if our eyes could act as our very own color pickers? Since this will (likely) never happen, we have to rely on digital color pickers to get accurate color values.

While the built-in macOS Digital Color Meter is a helpful tool for graphic designers and web developers, there are several third-party color pickers to choose from.

Take a look at this list of the five best color pickers for macOS to help you decide.

1. Digital colorimeter

Let's start with the basics. You can easily access the integrated digital colorimeter via the Utilities Folders on your Mac or use Spotlight (press Command + Space). You will find that it offers a simple solution to your color selection problem.

When you open the app, a small window will appear showing an image of the area you are hovering over, along with the corresponding RGB color code. Pull the Opening size Slider to change the size of the selected area.

There is a drop-down menu next to it. It offers you various options for displaying values, such as P3, sRGB, Adobe RGB, and Laboratory*.


Digital Color Meter doesn't just show RGB values. click on the view Option at the top of the screen and mouse pointer over it Display values allows you to switch between hexadecimal and percentage information.

You can quickly master this tool by just learning a few keyboard shortcuts. If you're frustrated with the app keeping following your mouse when you want to settle on a single color, all you have to do is press Command + X. This allows you to adjust to a specific color.

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To save the swatch, make sure your mouse is over the color you want to pick up and press Option + Command + C. You can then paste the swatch into TextEdit and save it on your computer.

Alternatively, you can save the values ​​of the color by pressing Shift + Command + C. You can insert these values ​​in TextEdit and also save them.

2. ColorSlurp

ColorSlurp calls itself "the best color picker in the universe," but you decide.

You can download ColorSlurp for free from the App Store. As soon as you open it, you will find that it has a more user-friendly interface than the Digital Color Meter.

If you click on the pipette icon in the upper right corner of the window, your magnifying glass will appear, which you can move with the arrow keys or the mouse. Hold back layer slows down the speed of the magnifying glass, making it easier to measure colors accurately.

What makes ColorSlurp more advanced than Digital Color Meter is its ability to create collections of colors. Do you see multiple colors that you like? Organize them into a collection and develop a color scheme.

Colorslurp allows you to copy a color into the format of your choice. Conversely, you can also change the format if you take a color from your clipboard and paste it into ColorSlurp.

For even more functionality, you can upgrade to ColorSlurp Pro. This version is perfect for color gurus who need access to 20 color formats, pattern gradient, and other advanced settings.

Download: ColorSlurp for Mac (free)

3. Color peeker

Featured on Product Hunt, Color Peeker is a sleek and minimalist color selection tool. The application lives in the menu bar all the time, so you can see colors quickly with just a glance.

Color Peeker displays the hex code of the color under your cursor in real time without opening an application before using it. However, you must open the tool the first time you use it. From then on, it stays open in the menu bar.

Conveniently, you can set Color Peeker to open on startup so you don't even have to open the application. You can also enable right-click copy so that the color's hex code is copied immediately when you right-click.

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With the tool constantly open on the menu bar, you may be concerned about your device's battery life. After using the tool for a long time, we found that with an energy influence of around 1.5 in the activity monitor, it did not have a major impact on the battery life.

Download: Color Peeker for Mac (Free)

4th sip

The Sip color picker is right in your menu bar for effortless access. When you click the icon, your cursor will turn into a magnifying glass that you can use to pick a color on your screen. When you "slurp" a color (or multiple colors at the same time) it will be saved in the drop-down menu.

This drop-down menu contains a few different tools. As a web developer or designer, you know that choosing the right color scheme is critical. Because of this, Sip's drop-down menu keeps an eye on not only your gradient, but your color palettes as well.

Don't miss out on Sip's fantastic culinary sharing feature: you can export it, share it via email, and even transfer it to a design program. Press the Command line Press while selecting a color on Sip and it will appear in the software you are using. Popular software like Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Xcode, Sublime, and more are currently supported.

Sip's color editor also helps you organize and adjust colors. Rename your color palettes, enter specific color codes, or adjust the hue, saturation, lightness, and transparency of your color.

Do you have to change your pallet quickly on the go? No problem; Sip even syncs with your iPhone.

Download: Sip for Mac (Free Trial, $ 10)

5. ColorSnapper 2

Like Sip, ColorSnapper 2 is a handy menu bar app. It comes with an improved magnifying glass that can handle different types of displays and resolutions. This high-precision magnifying glass lets you view colors pixel by pixel.

ColorSnapper 2 keeps a list of your most recently selected colors and saves the ones you marked as favorites. You can adjust the properties of a color using the practical integration of Apple's color panel.

When you're finally ready to export your colors, the app has a huge range of formats to choose from.

Don't forget to change the export format of your colors to match your preferred coding style. ColorSnapper 2 can adapt code to the requirements of Generic, Swift, CSS, UICoder, NSColor, Android, Java, OpenGL, CGColor and .NET.

You can try ColorSnapper 2 with a 14-day free trial. After that, you need to purchase the full version.

Download: ColorSnapper 2 for Mac (Free Trial, $ 9)

Find your perfect color palette

When you can determine the color code of everything on your screen, uncertainty won't get in your way. Your design or web development project shouldn't have to stall if you can't find a particular color.

The next time you find inspiration surfing the internet, let one of these color pickers help you create your palette instead.

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