Synology DiskStation DS2411+ NAS Evaluation

A little over four years ago, I tested my first Synology product, the humble CubeStation CS407e, which supports 2TB of network storage with four 500GB hard drives at around $ 120 per drive. At the time, I concluded that the CS407e was the best four-bay NAS device available. Over the past few years, we've also examined the DiskStation DS409 + and the budget-conscious DS410j, both of which received positive reviews in the competition.

Synology's portfolio has since grown to include powerful devices with 5 to 12 bays. We find it fascinating that only one NAS was tested beyond 4 bays, the QNAP TS-809 Pro Turbo with 8 bays. At $ 1,700, the TS-809 Pro Turbo was and is the most expensive product QNAP makes other than rack hardware. Given that we tested the TS-809 Pro Turbo over a year and a half ago, Synology was slow to respond with a device that matched or exceeded the storage capacity of the TS-809.

Synology maintained a "better late than never" outlook and launched its 12-bay DiskStation DS3611xs and 10-bay RackStation RS3411xs / RS3411RPxs for large businesses last June. The DiskStation DS3611xs supports a dozen hard drives, four Gigabit Ethernet ports and can be scaled to 100 TB storage. As imposing as it sounds, we don't think the DiskStation DS3611xs will be adopted by home users given the high price tag of $ 2,500.

Consumers typically need something cheaper, and this is where the Synology DiskStation DS2411 + comes in. While the DS2411 + is still considered a business-class NAS device suitable for SMB users, at $ 1,700 it is a bit more workable when compared to the DS3611x. The price drop means that some network controllers canceled shipping while DDR2 memory was cut in half and a slower processor was used.

Those familiar with Synology's products will find that the DS2411 + is a larger version of the DS1511 + that was essentially a larger version of the DS411 + II. Given that the 4-bay DS411 + II costs $ 700, the new 12-bay DS2411 + seems decent value even at $ 1,700 – and that without the storage drives. That's way out of the reach of the average user, but we're confident that those in need of such radical storage solutions will appreciate the DS2411 + a lot. So let's continue …

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