Swish App Fixes Mac’s Window Administration Issues For Good

There are many areas where Macs outperform Windows PCs, but managing Windows is not one of them.

It's almost unbelievable that you still can't quickly align a window or app on the sides of your display in MacOS, and Split View is hardly a replacement. This functionality has been available in Windows since the birth of Windows 7 in 2009, and yet we're here, more than a decade later, and Apple still hasn't caught up.

There are many Mac window management apps out there, but most miss the point by focusing on dragging and dropping windows. Swish ($ 5) by independent developer Christian Renninger, on the other hand, is about activating your MacOS trackpad gestures in a simple and intuitive way.

This gives it a serious advantage over competing apps. Not only is this a much faster way to manage your windows, it also feels a lot more natural, like a feature that MacOS has always offered. Note Apple.

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The idea behind Swish is to use trackpad gestures to quickly snap windows or applications side by side. That's it.

Move the cursor to the title bar of an app (above) and swipe right with two fingers. You will see a small tooltip with a half-filled rectangle. Lift your fingers off the trackpad and the app window will fill the right part of your screen. As simple as that.

You can swipe in a lower corner with two fingers to split up into four screens. Or swipe down to minimize the app, then move it up on the Dock icon to restore it. Press inward to close the app window and a little further inward to exit the app completely. Or spread your fingers to maximize the app. That sounds like a lot, but it's extremely intuitive.

There is a lot to learn, but Swish has unmatched flexibility.

The gestures in the title bar are great in themselves, but Swish's solution is far more robust. It uses the position of your cursor to determine which of its gestures can be activated. For example, a gesture when you hover the mouse over the title bar of an app can behave differently than when your pointer is over the dock icon, for example. This means there's a lot to learn, but Swish also offers unmatched flexibility.

Dock gestures allow you to perform the same actions as in an app's menu bar, plus a few more. For example, if you have multiple windows of an app, swiping left or right on the app's Dock icon will toggle between those windows. If your hand is already on your trackpad, this is a much more efficient shortcut than the standard Command-`keyboard shortcut that comes with MacOS.

However, my favorite gesture must be the app switcher. Apple's solution to scrolling through open apps is to press Command, which is fine. However, to go back through the list of apps, you need to add the Shift key to the keyboard shortcut, which requires an uncomfortable finger stretch on the part of the user.

Swish's solution? Tap and hold two fingers on the menu bar and the app switcher will open. Slide your fingers left or right to quickly scan through open apps. It's so much faster and easier than Apple's mediocre keyboard shortcut.

A gesture of respect

Swish for Mac gestures appWith Swish, it's incredibly easy to position two apps side by side.

There are many small, additional details that make Swish even better, such as smooth support for multiple desktop areas and multiple monitors. One of the best features is the use of haptic feedback.

Put two fingers on your trackpad as you start a gesture and you will feel a light tap, which means Swish is ready for instructions. Make a gesture and hold your fingers in place for a split second. You will feel another tap (although there is no need to wait for that tap to perform the gesture yourself).

Swish is an app that understands a key MacOS issue.

I also like the built-in modifier buttons. In many cases, if you find it difficult to perform a particular gesture, there is an alternative that you can invoke by holding down a key (e.g. command or control) and then performing a simpler gesture. Even better, there's a “Super Modifier” button (Fn by default) that allows you to gesture anywhere in an app window, not just the title bar or the dock icon.

Combined with its exceptionally clever gestures, these features show that Swish is an excellent Mac citizen, an app that not only understands a key MacOS problem, but also knows exactly how to fix it in a way that is very natural feels. Using it is a pleasure and deserves a place in the setup of every Mac user.

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