The latest version of Solus has been released with new additions and several quality of life improvements.

Solus released

Solus is a modern Linux distribution aimed at home users. It offers a cohesive desktop experience for users new to the Linux world. So, if you are a beginning Linux user looking for a polished system, Solus could be a good solution for you.

The developers recently released Solus 4.3, the latest stable version of this distribution. It comes with a new kernel, several desktop enhancements, and support for new hardware.

What's new in Solus 4.3?

This iteration of Solus is supported by Linux 5.13, which adds hardware support for:

  • Apple's M1 chipset

  • Intel's Alder Lake S graphic

  • AMD's FreeSync / Adaptive-Sync

  • A generic USB display driver

Aside from new hardware support, Solus 4.3 also ships with several improvements to the desktop experience. Solus' homemade Budgie desktop has received many updates, including bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Changes have been made to display notifications, screen tracking, themes, and window customizations.

Desktop settings for the Solus Budgie

The GNOME desktop contains the latest version, GNOME 40.2. This version adds several changes to the GNOME Shell, adding features like tap drag release, horizontal layouts for app grids, improved trackpad gestures, and updated keyboard shortcuts.

Some changes have also been made to mother. It now supports rounded clipping when drawing in the background and locking the scroll button. Also, the developers have fixed several X11-related issues such as: B. unwanted position changes and the change in size of the client during movement.

GNOME desktop for Solus 4.3

The KDE version ships with Plasma 5.22.2 and offers a handful of usability improvements. It now features adaptive transparency for Breeze, a new speed dial, and a redesigned digital clock, among others. Users can also use KRunner as a simple command line launcher.

Enhance the desktop experience with Solus 4.3

Version 4.3 of Solus brings many quality of life improvements to the desktop experience. It comes with the latest versions of the GNOME, KDE, Budgie, and MATE desktops. It offers the freedom to choose the desktop that best suits your needs.

However, if you're not sure which desktop to choose for Solus 4.3, try a few first. And don't forget that there are other desktop environments that you should check out too.


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