Silverstone Raven 3 (RV03) ATX Case Evaluation

If you've had a slight case of déjà vu after reading the title of this article, it is likely because you read about the Raven 2 Evolution (RV02-E) just a few months ago. The RV02 featured Silverstone's second generation layout and was a significant improvement over the original RV01, which was released in late 2008.

The Raven series uses an unconventional design that rotates the motherboard and power supply so that they mount vertically with the I / O panel facing the top of the case. This design makes it much easier to access the power supply, display, USB, Ethernet and other connections of the system, among other things.

The other major benefit is improved cooling thanks to the "stacking effect", as top and bottom mounted fans remove rising heat from the case. The RV02 did this unique layout very well, directing airflow all over the motherboard, maintaining high-end graphics cards with constant flow of cooling air.

The Raven 2 Evolution was and is one of the best game-oriented computer cases on the market due to its creative design, high quality construction and very affordable price. While the RV02 is still very relevant, Silverstone recently added an even more refined chassis to its Raven product line.

The Raven 3 (RV03) seems to improve on some of the RV02's weaknesses while offering a smaller footprint at a slightly lower price. While the latest iteration takes up 11% less desk space, it actually offers more internal volume thanks to slightly larger (0.7 ") and wider (0.91") dimensions.

The RV03 is not only the best equipped Raven so far, but also the cheapest. The Raven 3 is said to have an MSRP of just $ 160, which is hard to believe given the pricing of the competition. When we tested the RV02, we were surprised by its MSRP of $ 180 when similar products sold for over $ 200.

At just $ 160, we believe the Raven 3 can easily hold its own in a league of its own, despite serious competition like the Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced, Thermaltake Element V Black Edition, Antec DF-85 Black, and Antec Twelve Hundred. Let's move on to find out how the RV03 "stacks up".

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