Silverstone Raven 2 Evolution (RV02-E) ATX Case Assessment

I've had my eye on the original Silverstone Raven RV01 for a while. The case, released in late 2008, quickly caught my attention due to its strange orientation that showed the motherboard at a 90-degree angle upward so that the "rear" I / O cover was placed on top of the case rather than behind. Silverstone called this layout style the "stack effect".

The stacking effect is based on the natural occurrence of air movement driven by the difference in air density between the exterior and interior of a chassis. While most full turret suitcases have front intake fans to pull in cool air, the Raven didn't. In fact, the front of the case was completely blocked, preventing air from entering or leaving, and packed suction fans were mounted at the bottom of the case instead.

Likewise, the Raven's exhaust fans were at the top instead of at the back. The idea seemed simple: as the internal components like the CPU and GPU heat up, that heat rises and creates the stacking effect. Instead of tackling this natural phenomenon, Silverstone decided to work with it.

The original RV01 didn't do this design as well as it could have been. The power supply was mounted on the bottom, which made it difficult to filter large amounts of air through the case. This also meant that only two 180mm fans could be built into the floor.

The main problem arose from the massive dimensions of the RV01, even with a full tower housing of 280 mm (W) x 616 mm (H) x 660 mm (D). In comparison, the recently tested Cooler Master HAF X – which we consider to be a very large full tower – measures 230 mm (W) x 599 mm (H) x 550 mm (D) and is therefore considerably smaller.

Silverstone didn't necessarily want to make the Raven that big, but ATX motherboards are longer than they are wide, 305 x 244 mm (12 x 9.6 "). This shape goes well with standard cases, but because the Raven's design has the motherboard mounted on the side It struggled to accommodate everything that made the RV01 about 20% longer than the Cooler Master HAF X.

Silverstone was therefore forced to be more creative with its next generation Raven. The RV02 is more efficient and measures 212 mm (W) x 503 mm (H) x 643 mm (D). It's 24% thinner and 18% shorter than the RV01. Due to the smaller dimensions, Silverstone could also lose 17% of the total weight. The new changes make a very interesting computer case. Let's take a closer look …

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