Set Up a Sleep Timer Shutdown in Home windows

Do you remember when you fell asleep while watching TV in the living room? In this case, you've probably used your TV's sleep timer feature to turn it off automatically after about an hour (to prevent it from playing all night).

What if you stop using the TV? More and more of us are accessing entertainment on laptops or desktops. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a sleep timer option for the PC?

Well there is! Learn how to set a sleep timer using the shutdown feature built into Windows.

How to set a shutdown of the sleep timer in Windows

You can set a Windows sleep timer to shutdown your computer after a certain amount of time. The easiest way to set your computer to shutdown on a timer is to use the command prompt on Windows shut down Command.

First start the command prompt. Art command in the search field of the start menu and select the best match.

Now enter the following command:

Shutdown -s -t 3600

The -s Parameter specifies that this should shutdown your computer and the -t 3600 The parameter specifies that there should be a 3600 second delay, which is an hour. By entering this command, you can quickly schedule a one-time shutdown – the perfect sleep timer.

The sleep timer works in seconds. If you want to set the timer to two hours, enter 7200, etc.

Create a desktop shortcut for the sleep timer

If you want to use the sleep timer regularly, you can save yourself a few clicks with a sleep timer link. You can create a shortcut that starts the sleep timer without opening the command prompt.

Better yet, you can also create a shortcut that cancels the sleep timer for those moments when you find you're not quite done.

Windows shortcut to shutdown the timer

First create a new link. Right-click on your desktop and choose New> Link. Copy and paste the following:

Shutdown -s -t 3600

Give the shortcut a name and click Finished. There you have it: a custom shutdown sleep timer.

Custom shutdown timer icon

For the finishing touch, right-click on your sleep timer shortcut and select properties, then Change icon. Click through the warning and you can choose a custom icon for your sleep timer.

Another option is to assign a keyboard shortcut for your sleep command

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– Just make sure that you don't press unexpectedly or without realizing it!

Create a shortcut to cancel the sleep timer

What if you start the sleep timer countdown and then find that you need to use your computer for more than an hour?

Fortunately, you can also create a shortcut that cancels the sleep timer.

Right-click on your desktop and choose New> Link. Copy and paste the following:

Shutdown -a

Enter the shortcut and name and click Finished. You can add a custom icon for the shortcut to cancel the sleep timer. Make another symbol so you can tell the difference.

Dedicated app for shutting down the sleep timer for Windows 10

If you don't want to use a shortcut or just prefer a graphical user interface, there are several app options available to shut down the sleep timer.

1. SleepTimer Ultimate

Sleptimer ultimate Windows shutdown timer

SleepTimer Ultimate is a free sleep timer program with numerous functions.

With SleepTimer Ultimate you can set a variety of sleep timers, each with different actions. For example, you can set a specific time and date in the future so that your computer can shut down or be logged out of the Windows account when CPU usage reaches a certain level.

Another cool SleepTimer Ultimate function is the timed program launcher. You can choose to start a program after a certain time. You can also add customizable sleep timer overlays to your desktop to keep track of the timer and make sure you know when your time is up.

Download: SleepTimer Ultimate for Windows (free)

2. Sleep timerSleep timer Windows shutdown timer

From the extensive functionality of SleepTimer Ultimate to the basic approach of Sleep Timer. However, the sleep timer does what you want: you set the timer, leave your computer and it will shut down at the right time.

The app developer originally thought of Sleep Timer as the perfect tool for those who want to listen to music while asleep but don't want to keep their computer running all night.

There are also options for a scheduled restart or hibernation, and you can choose to have the shutdown sequence begin after a scheduled duration or after a period of inactivity.

Download: Sleep Timer for Windows (Free)

3. Adios

Adios Windows shutdown timer

The aptly named Adios is a free sleep timer for Windows with a practical and user-friendly user interface. There are options for timed shutdown, restart, user logout, and turning off a monitor. Use the up and down arrows to set the time, which can be up to days if required.

You will also find an option to enable voice notification for your shutdown timer. This is an interesting option.

As with SleepTimer Ultimate, you can use Adios to run a program on a timer. In addition – and that's really cool – you can use Adios to set a download that starts at a certain time.

Download: Adios for Windows (free)

Change the sleep timer on your laptop

Windows 10 has a sleep timer that you are probably already using. If you leave your computer, laptop or tablet unattended, it will automatically go into sleep mode after a period of time.

Enter to edit the time before bed sleep Select the best match in the search bar of your start menu. You can edit the sleep timers in this menu.

Windows shutdown options

There are two things to know about these options:

  • screen: Configure when the screen goes to sleep
  • sleep: Configure when the computer goes to sleep

The first option does not put your entire computer to sleep. Instead, only the screen turns off. The second option, "Hibernate", allows you to configure a certain period of time before the system is put into hibernation.

If you are using a portable device, you will find additional options for your device on battery power or at a mains socket. There are also other options, e.g. B. the use of the laptop power switch as a sleep control

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You can easily set Windows sleep timers

You now have several options to set a sleep timer on Windows 10. The link option gives you a basic shutdown timer, while the dedicated Windows 10 sleep timer apps give you extensive timer shutdown features.

Sleep timers aren't the only way to shutdown Windows 10. Read these tips and tricks for shutting down Windows 10

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for more options.

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