Set Separate Scroll Instructions for a Mouse and Trackpad on Your Mac

Do you need to reverse the scrolling direction for your mouse without affecting your Mac trackpad? This free third party app can help you.

MacBooks are versatile devices, and their portable nature means many of us switch between desk and lap work all day. If you're moving to a solid surface, connecting a mouse to your device can be an easy way to increase productivity.

However, the natural scrolling direction of the trackpad in macOS doesn't feel as natural when using the scroll wheel on a third-party mouse. Although Apple doesn't separate the settings for these two popular input devices, a third-party software solution can help. Let's see how Scroll Reverser gives you more control over your mouse and trackpad settings.

Scroll Reverser is a free app from Pilotmoon Software. You can download the application from the developer's website and install it using these steps:

  1. Download the app from Pilotmooon Software.

  2. Open the zip file in your Downloads folder and the Scroll Reverser application will appear in that location.

  3. Move the unzipped app to your Applications Folder.

  4. begin Scroll reverser.

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As soon as you start the software, a scroll reverser symbol appears in the menu bar. From there you can configure the application according to your needs.

When configuring Scroll Reverser, there are a few important settings that require your attention. First, you should activate the app by clicking on Menu icon, followed by Activate scroll reverser. The default settings should produce the desired effect, but you can reconfigure the application by clicking Menu icon and navigate to settings > Scroll.

Next, you'll want to set the app to open when you sign in. To do this, click on the Menu icon, go to settings > App, and tick that Start at login box. Scroll Reverser is now started when booting and offers an automatic scroll separation for mouse and trackpad.

If you want more control over your system, you can add, remove, and delay your Mac's startup items.

macOS has a lot of such quirks

While macOS is a functional and intuitive operating system, it's not perfect, and minor quirks get pretty annoying when you deal with it every day. Fortunately, where Apple falls short, other developers often step in with solutions.

Pilotmoon's Scroll Reverser is a simple but effective application for separating the scrolling directions of the mouse and trackpad. With the right tools, you can optimize your macOS experience, improve your workflow, and increase productivity.

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