With Quick Share for Windows 10, you can share files between your various Samsung Galaxy devices.

If you use Samsung devices, the company just launched a new app that lets you transfer files between your devices. With Quick Share for Windows 10, you can share the content stored on your Galaxy device with another Samsung device.

Samsung's Quick Share arrives at the Microsoft Store

First discovered by a Twitter user, Samsung released an app called Quick Share in the Microsoft Store. The aim of this app is to enable Samsung device users to transfer files between their devices quickly and easily. The list of supported devices includes Galaxy Phone, Galaxy Tab, and Galaxy Book.

Samsung describes this app as:

Quick Share is a device-to-device file sharing feature that allows you to quickly and easily transfer content stored on your Galaxy device to people nearby using wireless communication technology using Samsung Galaxy devices (Galaxy Phone, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Book ) feature.

However, there are certain requirements that you need to meet in order to use this app.

This is how the Quick Share app from Samsung works

Quick Share is an installable app for Windows 10. This app allows you to transfer files between your Samsung device and other nearby supported Samsung devices. This app uses wireless technology and you don't need any wired connections to transfer your files.

Supported Samsung devices for quick sharing

Quick Share has strict minimum requirements that you must meet in order to be able to transfer your files.

First, you can only transfer files between Samsung Galaxy Phone, Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Book devices. Other Android devices are not currently supported.

Second, the Windows 10 device must be running version 20H2 in order to download and use the Quick Share app.

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Thirdly, under Android 10, you must have OneUI 2.1 or higher, Quick Share 12.1.0 or higher and MDE Service Framework 1.1.37 or higher installed on your device. If you work with Android 11, you should have Quick Share 12.1.0 or higher and MDE Service Framework 1.2.11 or higher installed on your device.

How to use Quick Share to transfer files

To use Quick Share, you must first download the app from the Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 device. After the initial setup, you can then start sending and receiving files on your devices.

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On the main interface, you can see the devices supported nearby. By selecting a device, you can send files to this device. You can choose which devices can find your device and send files to it.

Quick sharing makes it easy to transfer files

While there are many ways to transfer files between different Android devices, it is good to see Samsung are developing their own solution. Surely this can be a great file sharing tool if you have the supported Samsung Galaxy devices.

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