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Have you noticed that your computer's problems have become more serious and more common in the past few months? These problems can disturb you and your employees on a daily basis, prevent you from performing critical tasks and even endanger your data. It may be time to book your computer for a service check to get it up and running again.

If you book your PC for a service, the technician can go straight to the cause of the problem based on a clear description of the problem – a few simple instructions are sufficient.

IT technicians have years of experience in bringing an aging machine back into health. Even with tools and experience, troubleshooting is far more time-consuming and expensive without a clear description of the problem. Just like in the medical world, the best doctors cannot diagnose a medical condition without clearly explaining the symptoms.

With just a few simple steps, you can save time and money while ensuring that you get your computer back with the problems you fixed.

Notice the problem every time it occurs

Some computer problems only occur from time to time. A machine can suddenly freeze or shut down. Intermittent problems can be frustrating and seemingly impossible to solve, but these events may not be entirely accidental.

When these events occur, you can help troubleshoot your problems by noting what you did and what programs were running at the time they occurred. Information about what you clicked recently or which settings you changed recently can display unexpected links to the actual cause of the problem.

Detailed instructions can help technicians reproduce the problem and identify the crash or error themselves. This can result in faster fixes, more permanent solutions, and less time to diagnose problems. With simple notes written on a piece of paper or a smartphone app, you can save a surprising amount of money.
Keep an eye on the environment and the computer

It's not just things in the computer that we have to write down. External factors can play a major role in the functioning of electronic devices. Hot and humid days can cause additional problems with PCs that have cooling problems.

Even the time of day can pose various computer problems. There have been cases where users have reported problems connecting to the Internet around noon. When they dug a little deeper, they discovered employees who were using a microwave at that time. Wi-Fi, which relies on radio waves to send and receive data, uses a frequency of 2.4 GHz to communicate with devices. The same frequency happens to be used in a microwave.

Microwaves, especially if they are poorly positioned or faulty, can cause Wi-Fi problems that interfere with communication each time they are used.

Another similar problem related to a home user who liked to work in the garden. Every 6 months, the home user had a problem with their WiFi. The person took the computer back to the store where no problems or problems could arise. When the user took it home it was fine, but the problem would recur about 6 months later. Eventually, the problem was attributed to a large shrub. When the user brought his computer to the store for repair, he went into his garden and cut back the bushes and plants – this was how the radio signal worked until the shrub was big enough to receive the signal about 6 months later!

Problems that come and go and appear to be random can have a strange connection to the computer environment that can be very difficult to diagnose.

Take the right hardware at the right time

The easiest way to fix problems is for the computer technician to visit your office.

But if you want to bring it to the technician or ourselves, it's as easy as picking up the box yourself. We don't need a monitor or peripheral devices like the mouse or keyboard unless these are the causes of the problem. Bringing a laptop is so easy that you only need the device itself together with the power adapter.

When deciding when to fix the issues, keep in mind that the earlier one is always better than the later one (we don't want you to lose data!). Computer problems can often worsen over time: fans collect more dust, hard drives become damaged, and other problems can dramatically shorten the life of a machine.

Remember that a machine that becomes less and less stable over time endangers your programs and your critical data. Updates applied to a shaky foundation can cause any number of problems. Data is often not warned before it is deleted. Can you afford to delay?

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