Razer’s Modular Tomahawk Desktop Boasts Nvidia’s RTX 3080

Having made a name for itself among gamers with sleek laptop designs that are as powerful as they are beautiful, Razer is now entering the gaming desktop. The company previewed its Tomahawk modular gaming desktop at CES earlier this year and is now finally available for Razer fans who want a gaming rig with Razer's signature and minimalist aesthetic, as well as some key features that make this PC different from others take off .

At first glance, the Tomahawk is strikingly similar to the company's previous external GPU cases like the Razer Core and Core X Chroma. Despite its compact size, this modular desktop is built for performance and Razer is clearly aimed at PC hobbyists and builders with its tool-free sled design that allows access to the system internals with a clever retractable handle.

"The compact form offers serious specifications and is still modular enough to meet the ever-increasing bar for high-end PC performance," said the company during a presentation. According to Razer, the Tomahawk is based on the latest NUC PC (Next Unit of Computing) design from Intel. Highlights of this design include easy access to the SSD to upgrade storage, a tool-less design that lets you upgrade your system's build however you want, and the ability to support full-size desktop graphics – all in a tiny 10 liter form factor. For comparison, Alienware's Aurora gaming desktop is 33.8L or more than three times the size of the Tomahawk.

Razer's attention to detail is present on the Tomahawk. The desktop supports the Roma chroma lighting underneath, and the glowing green logo of the company adorns the front. LED lighting seems very tasteful and not glaring like some of the gaming forward rigs we've seen in the past.

The top and side walls have perforated holes to help regulate the temperature. Air is drawn in through the perforated sides and two fans help to force hot air up, "away from business-critical components," the company said.

There's a handle on the back, but unlike some Lenovo Legion desktops, this isn't a carry handle to make attaching this compact rig for LAN parties easy. If you pull the handle instead, you can access the Tomahawk's sled, which gives you access to the GPU and other system components. All ports are also located on the back – including the USB-A and Thunderbolt 3 ports – which might make the ports harder to access, but give the Tomahawk a cleaner overall design.

Razer claims that the Tomahawk can accommodate a card up to 320mm long and 140mm high in a 16X PCIE Gen 3 slot. The Tomahawk either comes with an empty GPU slot so you can use your own graphics card, or you can configure it with Nvidia's GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition card. With a 750W SFX power supply, this system can handle the latest GPUs on the market today.

For performance, in addition to a 2TB hard drive, you have access to two PCIE NVME slots for storage. In addition to gamers, Razer is also targeting professional developers with this system. If you're interested in Razer's design aesthetics and the company's vision for a high-end PC, you'll need to spend at least $ 2,399 to get the Tomahawk. For this price, you get a 9th generation Intel Core i9-9980HK CPU, a 512 GB SSD and 2 TB hard drive, 16 GB RAM and Wi-Fi 6 support. Unfortunately, even with this expensive configuration, you don't get a GPU with the device. If you want a version that comes with a graphics card, the $ 3,199 configuration comes with an RTX 3080.

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