Razer Orochi V2 Assessment: A Shockingly Gentle Gaming Mouse

In general, when Razer updates its mice, very few changes are visible to the naked eye, partly because the original designs are already so great. Just look at the DeathAdder. But when Razer revealed the new Orochi V2 I noticed that the design is something flashy: it doesn't look like the original.

The original Orochi is Razer's mobile wireless gaming mouse that features a compact, lightweight design with a pretty good sensor. This new V2 version of the mouse adheres to this basic recipe, but massively changes the shape, cuts out the RGB, equips the sensor for a powerful eye with 18,000 DPI and establishes a wireless HyperSpeed ​​connection. Will this be one of the best gaming mice you can buy? Let's find out.

What do we have under the hood?

Technically, the Orochi V2 is an impressive part of the kit. It features Razer's 5G optical sensor, 2nd generation Razer optical mouse switches, and weighs less than 60 grams. To put that into perspective, I generally play games with a DPI setting of around 650, which makes 18,000 DPI incredibly fast, and it's commonly said that a gaming mouse that weighs less than 100 grams is very, very light. And I can confirm that the Orochi V2 is very light at 60 grams and almost effortless to handle.

If you put in an AA battery, the weight jumps to about 74 grams, but then the mouse is good for up to 950 hours of playtime. However, this is a best case scenario in Bluetooth connectivity mode. When gaming, consider using the included USB adapter to take advantage of the Razer HyperSpeed ​​wireless connection, which doubles power consumption and reduces total playtime to 425 hours, while latency is much lower than wired gaming mice.

But what if you want to get closer to that 60 grams? If you can sacrifice a little more gaming time, the mouse also has a slot that you can insert an AAA battery into instead of the larger AA battery. This saves a further 4 to 5 grams of the total weight and reduces it to just 69 grams with one power source.

Let's talk about how it feels

When I picked up the Orochi V2 for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by its shape. I'm someone who has tired hands from spending too much time on the computer, and while the Orochi V2 is absolutely no magic bullet for that, it has a surprisingly good palm fill for its size and the light weight is just a little less of a burden for my joints.

I also really appreciate the clicking optical switches that Razer installed under the left and right mouse buttons as they are very tactile to the touch and offer a very crisp and satisfying click – none of the cheap, squishy stuff you get on the budget or do will be carried. from mice.

The plastic makes the mouse feel a little cheap.

What I don't like is the feel of the plastic itself. It's very thin, and Razer made no effort to create a rubbery texture on the sides for a slightly better quality feel – it's all thin plastic. This is of course necessary to be able to reach the 60 gram weight, but personally I wouldn't have minded a few grams more in exchange for a higher quality mouse. Thankfully, Razer also released a universal grip tape last week so you can do something about it if you want.

Gaming performance

Basically, Razer is a game company, and as soon as I started Insurgency: Sandstorm, this game tree came up. The sensor responded very quickly, immediately provided the correct take-off distance and thanks to its low weight, the Orochi V2 was a great companion that helped me dominate the battlefield.

With an MSRP of $ 70, the Orochi V2 is $ 10 higher than the previous version, as is Logitech's G305, which offers many of the same features. The Orochi has a sensor with a higher DPI value and a slightly more individual weight adjustment, as you can choose between AA and AAA batteries. With a full battery, it also lasts significantly longer. It's not a bad price.

I'm not assuming the market will be huge, but if you desperately need the light weight and gaming performance on the go, or just have small hands, the Orochi V2 offers a solid, lightweight companion.

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