QNAP TS-412 Turbo NAS Overview

In the past few years, QNAP has grown to become one of the biggest names in the networked storage business, and for good reason: It offers one of the largest, most impressive lines of NAS products. The company's offering starts at $ 150 and can range in excess of $ 1,000 to meet the needs of individuals, SMBs, and businesses.

The offering was expanded earlier this year with the addition of QNAP's new TS-x12 range, the single (TS-112 $ 180), double (TS-212 $ 270) and quad-bay (TS-412 $ 460 ) Iterations encompass, even more diverse, designed to provide well-rounded performance, low performance, and a plethora of home networking applications.

As one of the cheapest 4-bay NAS from QNAP, we were not surprisingly interested in the TS-412. The device only sells for $ 40 more than the older TS-410, but since its Marvell processor runs 50% faster (800 MHz vs. 1.2 GHz), we think the TS-412 is a better value, and we do so decided to have a review instead.

We also believe the QNAP TS-412 could supplant Synology's $ 360 DS411J. Although the Synology device has the same 1.2 GHz Marvell processor, it comes with 128MB of memory. The TS-412 doubles this to 256 MB – not to mention other shortcomings that we will explain later in the review.

We're also excited to see how it compares to NAS devices in the $ 500- $ 600 range. Provided the latest QNAP product doesn't disappoint – and they rarely do – the TS-412 has a fair chance of becoming a go-to 4-bay NAS.

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