Pop!_OS 21.04 Launched With COSMIC Desktop: Study What’s New

The latest version of Pop! _OS has been released with a primary focus on improving the user experience.

Pop! _OS is a modern version of Ubuntu from System76, an American company that specializes in the construction of Linux-based notebooks and servers. It provides a clean and concise desktop experience for professionals working in the STEM field.

Pop! _OS 'greatest features include native support for AMD and Nvidia GPUs, out-of-the-box encryption support, and a highly customizable workspace.

The latest version of Pop! _OS has just launched and has some exciting new features, including a new version of the GNOME environment called COSMIC. It also offers support for an intuitive dock, as well as window managers with tiles.

What's new in Pop! _OS 21.04?

Most of the work the System76 developers have done for this iteration of Pop! _OS is about improving the user experience. The new COSMIC (Computer Operating System Main Interface Components) environment gives users the freedom to control their workflow as intended.

COSMIC separates the activities Section in two different views, working area and Applications. Users can move and remove one or both of these views from the top bar.

Users can also configure the dock options during the initial setup. The dock itself is quite sturdy and offers all sorts of customizations – except for transparency. Well, in terms of keyboard shortcuts, the Super key is a very appreciated addition to Pop! _OS 21.04.

You can use it to start programs, open certain settings, perform web searches, run Linux commands in the background, etc. The Superkey also enables users to start apps with dedicated graphics units.

Pop! _OS 21.04 also includes support for useful trackpad gestures. You can open the Applications view by swiping four fingers on the right side of your trackpad. Swipe left to open the workspace view and up or down to switch between workspaces.

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Additional functions in Pop! _OS 21.04

The latest version of Pop! _OS brings significant improvements to the workflow front. In addition to the new COSMIC desktop, users can also take advantage of a dedicated recovery partition, the ability to make minimize or maximize buttons optional, and tile file manager support.

In addition, distributions like Pop! _OS and Zorin optimize the standard Ubuntu desktop to meet specific workflow requirements. This makes them great alternatives to popular Linux distributions like Ubuntu.

Why use a different Linux operating system than Ubuntu?

There are hundreds of Linux operating systems (distributions) out there, but you're probably using Ubuntu. Because of this, you might want to switch to one of the Ubuntu alternatives.

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