Pc Diagnostic and Restore

This is a VERY thorough diagnostic video detailing the process of elimination required to determine the cause of a very puzzling problem, but in a very logical …

Learn how to Use and Customise a Third-Occasion Keyboard on Your Mac

Apple offers two types of external keyboards for your Mac: the Magic keyboard and the Magic keyboard with a numeric keypad. Despite their names, none is particularly exciting. You may want to set up a third-party keyboard instead. advertising There are many excellent third-party keyboards available, and all of them should be connected to your […]

Memorable Overclocking-Pleasant CPUs – Catrachadas

Enthusiasts have exceeded the limits of silicon as long as there are microprocessors. Early overclocking efforts included soldering and replacing quartz clock oscillators, but this practice quickly developed into a change in system bus speed via DIP switches and jumpers on the motherboard. Internal clock multipliers were introduced, but it wasn't long before they were […]

Greatest Memorial Day Gross sales 2020: The Final Shopper’s Information

Last updated: May 24th, 2020. Memorial Day 2020 is just around the corner, and that can only mean one thing: sales on Memorial Day. OK, maybe not just one thing. It is still a time for friends and family to come together and honor those who have sacrificed their lives in the service of the […]

Samsung Area Monitor Overview: Your Desk’s Savior

"The Samsung Space Monitor uses its unique arm with two hinges to protect your desk from clutter." Intuitive hinge design Convenient cable management High contrast ratio Wide range of colors Thick frame with a wobbly stand Disappointing menu controls The color accuracy is slightly different The monitors are getting bigger, but the space on your […]

Testing Intel Whiskey Lake CPUs: Core i7-8565U Overview

Intel launched a new line of U-series laptop processors for ultra-portable devices last year. We will use the term "new" loosely here. These CPUs are codenamed Whiskey Lake and are still parts of the 8th generation that are not fundamentally different from the previous Kaby Lake refresh chips. The most important change is the switch […]

The Finest Graphics Playing cards for 2020: AMD, Nvidia, and Extra

As games become more detailed and more lifelike, graphics cards are getting faster and faster in this never ending arms race. That means you will need to upgrade sometime to get the best possible and most complete experience. There are many great graphics cards for all budgets provided by AMD, Nvidia and their third party […]

Lenovo Yoga Good Tab Evaluation: Versatile and Good

"As the name suggests, this Android tablet proves to be intelligent and flexible with many useful functions." Built-in stand You can hang it up Works as a smart home hub Google Assistant built in The YouTube dashboard is broken Unbalanced weight The Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab is an Android tablet that really stands out from […]

Easy methods to Tether Any Smartphone to Linux for Cell Web

Laptops are, without exception, limited to pure Wi-Fi connections. Desktop computers never have an integrated mobile Internet. But what if you need to put your Linux computer online but don't have a wireless or ethernet network? advertising The answer is tethering. With a smartphone you can share your mobile internet with your computer. As long […]

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