New Tremendous Mario Bros. U Deluxe: All Secret Exits and World Skips

The new Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is about to release a new update to the Nintendo Switch port version of the game. Although the current addition includes both Mario U and Luigi U, the latest release will also include a new story and world to be explored with Bowser's fury. While the new addition is extremely exciting, getting back into Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe can be a little tricky.

The game holds many secrets. There are hidden exits and world leaps that you can easily miss. Fortunately, we can steer you in the right areas to find some of the game's best kept secrets.

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In each of the eight worlds there is at least one level with a secret exit. Once you find it, pull down a red flag instead and unlock secret levels or skip levels altogether. Some of these secret exits also build bridges to different worlds and allow players to skip important parts of the game.

Secret exits and world jumps in New Super Mario Bros. U.

While we recommend playing every single level in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe (it's phenomenal), finding and using secret exits is a bit more fun too. Also, to actually play each level, you need to find the secret exits. In this guide, we will learn (and show) how to find all 12 secret exits in New Super Mario Bros. U.

World 1: Acorn Plains

Tilted tunnel

Behind the checkpoint flag and towards the end of the Tilted Tunnel, jump onto a large boulder that is moving upwards. A red ring will be over you. Above that is a secret area where you can walk through the top level of the level. Keep running until you come to a small ramp, jump again and you will find yourself on an even higher ledge. Run until you fall to a green pipe and go to the red flag on the other side.

The first secret exit in New Super Mario Bros. U opens a path to a secret level called A Blooper & # 39; s Secret Lair. Complete this level and a path to the soda jungle, world 5 (!), Opens.

World 2: Layer cake desert

Spikes of splashing sand

Shortly before the exit, you will pass a tall green pipe (the last star coin is directly below it) and a last red arrow. Drop from the red arrow pillar and run into the wrong wall. The warp tube shoots you in the air towards the secret exit flag.

A new level in the layer cake desert, A Piranha Plants on Ice, opens on the map. Complete this level to open a path to the Soda Jungle again.

World 3: sparkling water

Haunted Shipwreck

When you get to the room with all the false walls, look for a sign that is at the top of a ledge. Get on that platform, turn around, jump down, and quickly jump again. You have to jump on the wall twice to reach a secret area with a hidden door. Watching the video for this video really helps.

By reaching the secret exit, a new level called A Skyward Stalk is unlocked in Sparkling Waters. Complete the hidden level to find a new route to world 6, the Rock Candy Mines.

World 4: Frosted Glacier

Staggering haunted house

This one is difficult. In the last room of the house, you need to hit a P block, jump onto temporary blocks and scale up. The regular entrance is surrounded by a huge boo and a circling group of smaller ones. However, to reach the secret exit, you will have to go all the way up to reveal a false ceiling and secret door. To do this, you may need a power-up like the squirrel suit (or just crazy jumping skills). The secret door leads to another exit with the red flag (and the last star coin).

The secret exit opens a new level in Frosted Glacier called A Fliprus Lake. Complete the secret level and you will open a path to world 6, Rock Candy Mines.

World 5: soda jungle

Bridge over poisoned waters

You almost definitely need the squirrel suit for this one. After crossing the two shifting block bridges, you'll see a single block under a ledge. Knock out the nearby Koopa Troopa, grab its clam, and drag it down there to discover a vine that stretches all the way to heaven. Climb on it and then hop up the ledge on the left. From the top ledge, slide right across the sky to reach the flag.

Using the secret exit, you can jump to a new level in Soda Jungle, Seesaw Bridge.

Which-way maze

Go through the door on the second platform on the left when you enter the haunted house. This will take you to an elevator room. Instead of going through the visible door when you get to the top, keep going and hang on to the left. A false ceiling with a path to a secret door is revealed. Go through the door and complete the level as normal by dropping to the lower door.

The secret exit opens a way to a new level in the soda jungle, a flight of the Para-Beetles. Complete this level to open a path to World 7, Meringue Clouds.

Painted marshland

Just behind the red ring is a series of swaying pipes for navigation. At the end there is a protruding ledge that is guarded by a boo. Hop down and run against the false wall to reveal a warp tube. Run through the small cave and up the warp tube on the right side of the wall to appear right next to the secret exit flag.

The secret exit opens a path to a new level in the Soda Jungle, Wiggler Stampede.

Deep sea ruins

Swim all the way to the right instead of going up the pipe at the top of your last bath to get to safety. Another large pillar will fall, revealing the third star coin and a chain whistle that leads to the secret flag.

The secret exit also opens a path to Wiggler Stampede.

World 6: Rock Candy Mines

Grindstone tower

For this case, you need to be a miniature (via a mini mushroom as shown in the video). Once you get to the top of the tower, after climbing the green pipes, you will see a small green pipe on the right. Go through to skip the boss fight, scale the next room (don't forget the star coin on the left!) And go through the pipe to the secret flag.

The secret exit gives you access to a new level of Rock Candy Mines, Thrilling Spine Coaster.

Walking piranha plants

Directly behind the three moving platforms with piranha plants is a high ledge. On the other side there is a slightly protruding wall at the bottom. It's a fake wall that leads to a warp tube and the secret exit.

The secret exit opens a shortcut to the second entrance to Roy's conveyor belt

World 7: meringue clouds

Spinning Spirit House

After coming through the top right door in the launch room, take the feather and carry it all the way to the left. Jump back up and then drop through the false floor under the upper left corner. There is a secret door there that leads to a final room. Avoid the ghosts and then emerge outside. Run free to the secret flag.

If you find the secret exit, you will come to the alternative entrance of Ludwig's clockwork tower.

World 8: Peach Castle

Meteor Trench

When you get to the long piece of land that fireballs are raining on, look for the P block. Once you hit it, you'll have to jump across several makeshift platforms until you see the pipe above you. Jump in the pipe to reach the secret exit.

The secret exit opens a new level in Peach's Castle, Firefall Cliffs.

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