New Leaks Might Level to an Upcoming Mac Professional Replace

An alleged picture of the upcoming AMD Radeon Pro W6900X

The Mac Pro could improve its performance noticeably. A new graphics card called the AMD Radeon Pro W6000 series is intended for the Mac Pro and was not only photographed but also rated. These cards support AMD's Navi RDNA2 architecture and offer a significant upgrade to current Mac Pro graphics performance.

Pictures of two of the cards have leaked and give a first glimpse into nature. However, the photos show the type of standard PCIe graphics card that is typically seen on Windows PCs. Apple's Mac Pro, on the other hand, uses a proprietary MPX module to house the graphics card, so the images in question almost certainly don't reflect what the cards will look like in the Mac Pro if they actually go on sale in Apple.

Even more tempting, one of the cards – the Radeon Pro W6900X – was posted on the Geekbench benchmarking website, where it scored 177,719 on the Metal Graphics test. Compare that to the Vega II Duo, the top-end GPU currently available in the Mac Pro, which scored 101,502 in the same test. Detailed specifications of the W6000 series cards, such as: B. the amount of video memory they have is not yet known.

Interestingly, the W6900X card was tested on a Mac Pro system (codenamed MacPro 7.1) with an Intel Core i9 10920X processor, which is not currently available for configuration in a Mac Pro. This means that no one can guess that Apple may have used this processor for testing purposes only or may offer it in future configurations. This seems unlikely, however, as the Mac Pro currently only offers workstation-class Xeon processors.

Even so, the leaked images and scores remain intriguing and could point to a future graphics upgrade for the Mac Pro. Industry analysts have been claiming for months that the Mac Pro will be updated in 2021, including a brand new half-size model, though the full version won't make the leap to custom Apple silicon chips just yet. This could be because Apple is waiting for more pro software to be available for the new chip architecture, or because Apple's high-end chips are not yet ready for production.

Given that Apple is actively testing new internal components for the Mac Pro, we may not have to wait long for news of an updated version.

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