Microsoft Teams Chat comes to your system tray.

With the arrival of the Windows 11 Insider Preview updates, come the new features we've been looking forward to since Windows 11 was released. Next up is the first official preview build of the Microsoft Teams Chat feature, which brings easily accessible Teams chats to your system tray.

Microsoft Teams chat begins with the rollout of the Insider Preview

Microsoft Teams Chat brings a Teams Chat window to your system tray.

According to the official Microsoft Insider Preview blog, clicking the new chat icon in your system tray will open an easily accessible list of your latest Microsoft Teams contacts. From within Chat, you can start a video call, start a normal text chat, or open the main Microsoft Teams window.

You can stay connected with the people you care about from the comfort of your Windows 11 PC

Microsoft Teams Chat comes with inline replies so you can reply directly from Windows 11 without opening the main Teams window. In addition, chat notifications integrate seamlessly with the operating system and respect your Windows 11 focus assist settings.

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After the initial rollout, Microsoft plans to add more features to Chat, such as: B. Joint meetings, screen sharing options, and other Microsoft Teams features. Chat aims to make Microsoft Teams easier to use and to bring Microsoft's leading work productivity tool into Windows 11.

Initially, Microsoft Teams Chat will be made available to a small number of Insider Preview users. The first test phase measures usability and tries to eliminate unforeseen bugs before a broader rollout is carried out at a later point in time.

How to start Microsoft Teams Chat from the Windows 11 system tray

Starting and signing in to Microsoft Teams Chat is a simple process. After installing the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview update:

  1. Click on the new chat icon, Then sign in to your Microsoft account using your regular credentials.
  2. Check the box to synchronize your Skype and Outlook contacts. Your Microsoft Teams chat list will be populated with your contacts.
  3. Start a new chat by entering a name or phone number in the search field.

Microsoft Teams chat is here, but it has limitations

The introduction of Microsoft Teams Chat is another exciting step forward for Windows 11. It was one of the many productivity features announced at the launch of the new operating system.

However, Microsoft Teams Chat is still in preview and therefore has some issues and limitations.

  • Chat is currently only available in US English

  • Offline mode is not yet supported

  • As above, there are many other chat functions available

  • Outlook and Skype contact sync only shows the primary contact alias for your contacts in both services

  • The chat window sometimes gets stuck. To work around the problem, go to Settings> Accessibility> Visual Effects> Animation Effects and turn the setting off and then on again.

Right now, you may not have access to Microsoft Teams Chat right away, but the new feature will be available in your Windows 11 Insider Preview version soon enough.

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