Mouse Scroll Too Sluggish or Quick? Easy methods to Repair It in Home windows 10

Finding the right speed for your mouse wheel is important. Here's how to fix the problem when your Windows mouse scrolling speed is uncomfortable.

Mouse bug

It is important that your mouse rolls at the correct speed. If your mouse wheel rolls too fast, that's just annoying. Too slow and you could get a repeated stress injury in your wrist.

Fortunately, in Windows 10, it's very easy to fix mouse scrolling too fast or too slow.

Windows 10 mouse settings

To change the vertical scroll speed of your mouse:

  1. Press Windows key + I. Open settings.

  2. click equipment.

  3. click mouse.

  4. Use the Turn the mouse wheel to scroll the drop-down menu to choose from Multiple lines at the same time or One screen at a time. The former is recommended for most people.

  5. Use the Choose how many lines to scroll each time Slider to adjust how fast or slow your mouse wheel rolls. The default is three.

These settings take effect immediately when you change them, making it easy for you to experiment to get the best scrolling speed.

Windows 10 mouse properties

If you have a mouse that supports horizontal scrolling, stay on this settings screen and do the following:

  1. click Additional mouse options.

  2. Press the wheel Tab.

  3. By doing Horizontal scrolling In the section, enter the desired scroll rate.

  4. click OK.

The company that made your mouse may also have their own settings software. You should check this to see if there are any custom mouse scrolling options that override the settings set in Windows.

You may also have some browser extensions installed that control your mouse scrolling (such as Logitech's Smooth Scrolling extension). Check this too.

Change your mouse settings for ultimate convenience

Adjusting the scroll speed of your mouse is just one of the changes you can make to ensure that your mouse is as comfortable as possible.

For example, make sure you keep the mouse straight so you don't put undue strain on your arm and wrist, and change the DPI for more precise mouse movement.

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Someone holding a mouse

How to configure your mouse for convenience

You use a mouse for hours every day. When your wrists and hands are feeling tired, it's time to change things.

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