Microsoft’s Newest Assault Advert Rips Into the iPad Professional

Microsoft loves its Surface Pro 7 a lot more than Apple's iPad Pro. Who would have thought?

It could be 2021, but for someone in Microsoft's marketing department, it might as well be the 90s. That's because the Redmond, Washington-based company is slamming Apple products in its new ads. This goes back to the time when Microsoft and Apple were led by fierce rivals Bill Gates and Steve Jobs rather than today's CEOs Satya Nadella and Tim Cook.

Microsoft recently targeted Apple's MacBook (or, as Microsoft called it, the "BackBook") in an ad for the Microsoft Surface Pro 2-in-1. At the time, we realized the comparison was a little unfair – as the Surface Pro is supposed to be a hybrid device that blurs the laptop form factor with a tablet. We wrote, "A more appropriate comparison would be to the iPad Pro, which has a detachable keyboard and can be used as a tablet."

iPad Pro vs. Surface Pro 7

Our wish is clearly the command of Microsoft. Jump forward a few days and Microsoft launched an ad comparing the Surface Pro 7 to the iPad Pro.

The display is in the form of a head-to-head comparison between the two products, measured using some selection metrics. For example, Microsoft claims victory in the "Design" category because the Surface Pro has a built-in stand that the iPad Pro lacks. The iPad's detachable keyboard is also dismissed as being heavier than the Surface Pro's.

The same applies to the larger number of ports on the Surface Pro 7 compared to the individual port on the iPad Pro. "iPad Pro is just a tablet," says the moderator. "Surface is a complete computer and tablet."

The biggest triumph Microsoft claims is price. While the iPad Pro costs $ 1,348, the Surface Pro is only $ 880.

To date, the ad, titled Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Still the Better Choice, has been viewed more than 400,000 times. However, the "like" to "dislike" ratio suggests that not everyone is necessarily influenced by Microsoft's arguments.

Windows or iPadOS: the choice is yours

Ultimately, the decision to buy a Surface versus an iPad will likely depend on which operating system you prefer. A surface, no matter the size of its stand, is a Windows device. A single port iPad is an iPadOS device. If you prefer Windows, go for the Surface Pro 7. If you prefer Apple's mobile operating system, go for the iPad – and while the iPad Pro may be more expensive, there are other cheaper models available as alternatives.

It's not yet clear whether Apple will hit back in its own ad and shoot Microsoft.

Microsoft unveils new Surface Pro 7+ with 11th generation Intel processors

The big reveal ends weeks of speculation and multiple hardware leaks.

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