Microsoft Will Change Dozens of Information Contractors with A.I.

Microsoft is reported to turn to artificial intelligence to optimize messages on MSN, replacing dozens of human employees.

Microsoft will not renew contracts for about 50 news production contractors who have been told they will no longer be needed after June 30, several sources told the Seattle Times. The employees have the task of identifying trendy news from publishing partners and optimizing content by rewriting headlines or improving accompanying images. Manually curating articles allowed clear and appropriate headings, avoiding unreliable sources and highlighting content from smaller outlets.

Full-time news producers who perform the same functions remain, but all contracted jobs as news producers have been deleted. Some of the contractors wishing to remain anonymous informed the Seattle Times that A.I. will take responsibility at MSN.

However, some of the dismissed employees were skeptical that with fewer people on board, MSN's model of curating and redistributing stories from partner websites would not work as well.

"It's been semi-automated for a few months, but it's now in full swing," said one of the contractors. "It's demoralizing to think that machines can replace us, but let's get started."

"I spend all my time reading about how automation and A.I. will take on all of our jobs and here I am – A.I. accepted my job, ”another contractor told The Guardian. He added that replacing people with A.I. This can be a "risky" step, as employees had to follow "very strict editorial guidelines" to ensure that readers, especially younger ones, were not exposed to violent or inappropriate content.

The rise of A.I.

The artificial intelligence revolution has raised concerns that machines may displace people from work. In addition to journalists, there are other jobs at risk at A.I. This includes lawyers, drivers, customer service representatives and musicians. However, there are opportunities for people in these professions, A.I. rather than fear, including journalists who A.I. As their researchers, lawyers invest time to study computer science and musicians who use tools powered by A.I.

The development of A.I. has also helped make people's lives easier. The functions range from finding brain tumors to applying for unemployment benefits to creating memes.

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