Microsoft Trolls Apple Onerous With New Floor Laptop computer Four Advert

"Better bring your dongle," says Microsoft's latest ad, rejecting the M1 MacBook Air for lack of older USB-A ports.

Apple managers definitely won't like Microsoft's latest commercial touting its Surface Laptop 4 as a better choice than the M1-powered MacBook Air.

The new surface display breaks the MacBook Air

The ad criticizes the MacBook Air notebook powered by the Apple M1 chip as a lack of features that users of Surface devices prefer. For example, the video praises the Surface Laptop 4's built-in touchscreen, which no Mac has ever offered, as Apple continues to insist that touch surfaces should be horizontal rather than vertical.

The commercial then focuses on the inclusion of older USB-A ports and prompts a young girl in the video to advise viewers to "better bring your dongle". The Surface Laptop 4, like the MacBook Air, offers USB-C, but the Apple computer lacks USB-A ports.

Oddly enough, Microsoft closed comments on this particular video.

The 30-second ad is available on the official Microsoft Surface channel on YouTube.

Microsoft Laptop 4 versus M1 MacBook Air

The commercial also praised the Surface Laptop 4's ability to run Windows natively for apps and games. In fact, gaming has never been a heavy focus on the Mac.

The ability to run Windows natively is certainly a legitimate selling point. Apple's M1-based Mac systems cannot be started twice on Windows. There are currently no workable solutions available to run Windows through virtualization.

Microsoft wrote the following in the description of the video:

The new Surface Laptop 4 is available in 4 beautiful colors and 2 keyboards, so your Surface matches your style. With a PixelSense touchscreen, you can pinch, swipe, and zoom with ease and put the power in your hands. Plus, with a powerful processor, you can run all of your favorite apps and games seamlessly.

Oddly enough, Microsoft closed comments on this particular video.

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And if there's anything going on with a recent ad, Microsoft agrees that Surface Pro 7 is a lot more than Apple's newest iPad Pro. And yet another Microsoft ad compared a MacBook spoof (amusingly called the BackBook) to the latest Surface Pro.

What is the Surface Laptop?

Starting at $ 1,000, the Surface Laptop 4 is an ultra-thin notebook developed by Microsoft. Equipped with a 13.5-inch touchscreen, the computer offers the choice between an AMD Ryzen 5 or an Intel chip. Apple's new MacBook Air starts at $ 999 and features Apple's M1 chip, which offers remarkable performance and lower power consumption.

Reports from influential analysts and well-informed journalists point to some changes to Apple's notebooks this year. Apparently, the Touch Bar will go away while magnetic charging, an SD card reader, and an HDMI port return later this year.

The M1 chip makes Microsoft insecure

Microsoft may be afraid of the upcoming Apple silicon wave, but it is not standing still – the recent check show has accelerated work on improving the Windows on ARM project.

In late 2020, the company brought 64-bit app emulation on ARM to Windows 10, allowing users to emulate not just x86, ARM32, and ARM64, but full x64 apps. In addition, Microsoft will introduce some ARM-based chip developments on its own, repeating Apple's own step with the iPhone chips more than ten years ago.

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