Microsoft to Take away Useful Home windows Characteristic in Upcoming Replace

The window minimization function is expected to leave Windows 10 in early 2021.

Microsoft Shake to minimize the function

An upcoming Windows 10 update will remove one of the operating system's least popular and underutilized features.

Right: Shake to minimize leaves Windows 10 for good.

Why is Microsoft removing Shake to Minimize?

While it is an underutilized Windows 10 feature, it has also caused significant annoyance among users, usually after the feature was accidentally triggered.

Shake to Minimize was first introduced with Windows 7. Users can close all windows in their on-screen bar by quickly moving their mouse back and forth.

Microsoft is not promoting this option widely, and many users don't discover it until all the windows disappear from the screen.

The feature, also known as Aero Shake, is the only Windows 10 option available that allows a user to close all windows except the one you shook. Hence, some users will definitely complain about the loss of functionality, especially with no replacement.

Shake to Minimize will be removed in Windows 10 Build 21277 sent to Windows 10 Insider Preview users on the Dev Channel in December 2020.

Given the normal schedule for Windows 10 features being moved to a proper release by the Dev Channel, you can expect Shake to Minimize to be removed in the Windows 10 21H1 update expected in the first half of 2021.

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Installation of Windows 10

Can you toggle Shake to minimize?

Accordingly, dedicated Microsoft users have already found a method to switch Shake back to minimized. The update includes creating a new registry key, but it is not a difficult process.

How to turn Shake on to minimize in Windows 10:

  1. Art Registration Select the best match from the search bar on your Start menu.

  2. Navigate to the following registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows CurrentVersion Explorer Advanced

  3. In the right pane, right-click and select New> Dword (32-bit) value.

  4. Name the new value DisallowShaking and put the value on 0.

  5. Close the registry editor and restart your system.

Please note that this update will only take effect on systems on which Shake to Minimize has been deactivated. If, like most users, you are using Windows 10 in the standard release branch, Shake to Minimize will still be active on your computer.

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With the loss of Aero Shake, Windows 10 users have two alternative desktop minimization shortcuts available. You can use Windows key + D. to show or hide the entire desktop, or Windows key + M. to minimize all open windows. You can also use the to restore all open windows Windows Key + Shift + M. Abbreviation.


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