Microsoft Teases an Upcoming Floor Occasion in Tweet

Microsoft just teased an upcoming Surface event via a tweet in the voice of Surface Chief Panos Panay. The company added that there are more to come and recommends everyone "stay tuned".

There is more to come … stay tuned ????

– Microsoft Surface (@surface) April 12, 2021

It has been rumored for a while that Microsoft would be hosting a Surface event this spring, and the tweet apparently confirms it could be on its way anytime soon. While the tweet doesn't really reveal much, it seems to suggest that a Surface Laptop 4 or a new Surface Pro model might be in this next Surface product drop.

The tweet starts with a look at a Surface-branded laptop, and Panos mentions that Surface is passionate about driving and putting people first. This is followed by footage of all of the latest Surface products, including the Surface Duo and Surface Pro 7, and the Surface Studio 2.

In particular, the teaser shows a recording that shows both Intel processors and Surface Edition processors from the AMD brand. This could be a reference to the rumor that the next Surface Laptop 4 could for the first time come with AMD options in sizes 13 "and 15". The teaser also mentions "incredible performance," an integration with hardware and software, doing more, and achieving more.

The tweet doesn't mention a rumored Surface webcam or any updates to the Surface earbuds or Surface headphones. However, since these are all long overdue, it is not surprising if they are also included in Microsoft's plans, as some rumors suggest.

Due to the pandemic, this Surface product drop is likely to be virtual via a press release rather than a traditional in-person event. Microsoft reportedly considered breakout digital news events for each of its products such as Windows, Xbox, and Azure.

This Surface event could be the first of many more, and it could even shed some light on Windows 10X, Windows 10 Sun Valley, and many other things that led Panay to say, “It's going to be a tremendous year for Windows At the last large virtual public event from Microsoft, Microsoft Ignite.

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