Microsoft Rolls Out New Navigation Instrument for Cellular Workplace Apps

The new navigation option makes it easier to work and edit with Microsoft Office mobile apps.

Office mobile app function

The Microsoft Office apps for Android and iOS are to receive a new navigation system that brings them closer to the Office desktop apps in terms of style. The update makes it much easier for mobile Office users to write and edit documents.

The new navigation function will first appear in the Microsoft Word apps for Android and iOS. This will bring the document heading navigation to the mobile apps for the first time, so you can search and manage your Word mobile documents using the section headings.

The document heading navigation feature also uses an "intelligence algorithm" to detect headings that are not marked as headings in your Word document.

The algorithm can scan your document and locate sections of text that are likely to be a heading. From there you can confirm that the algorithm detection is correct, which may speed up your editing process.

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Office suite ecosystem

You can find the new navigation option for document headings by tapping the three-dot menu icon and then selecting Document headings. The new menu is then populated with the existing headings in your document or suggestions for headings from the algorithm. You can also toggle them Automatically recognized headings Option from this menu.

While the document heading navigation functionality is already available to users, the Microsoft Tech Community blog states that Microsoft "wants your feedback on the accuracy of these detections." As the AI ​​algorithm learns what a header is, it can take some time for the automated function to improve.

The new feature for document headings is available for Android and iOS Microsoft Word apps that run version 13530.10000 on Android and version 2.43 on iOS. You can also find the new function in the combined Office Mobile App under iOS version 2.43. However, the "Document Headings" feature is not yet available in the combined Android Office Mobile app.

Additional functions for Microsoft Office Mobile Apps

Microsoft is investing more time and effort in its mobile apps than ever before.

At the beginning of 2020 Microsoft launched the Unified Office app for iOS and Android, which combines Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint in a single mobile app. The app also includes features similar to Microsoft Lens, a previously separate app for scanning documents, as well as some handy file transfer options.

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Ultimately, the unified app "brings all of your Office documents together in one place, reduces the need to switch between multiple apps, and significantly reduces the storage space on your phone compared to multiple installed apps."

However, the individual Microsoft Office mobile apps will still be available for Android and iOS if you prefer that option.


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