The update caused Windows 10 computers to spin in a crash loop until recovery procedures were activated.

Has your AMD-based Windows 10 computer been giving you grief lately? It's not just you; A recently released AMD update caused some stability issues on Windows 10 computers, and Microsoft is rolling it back again after alerting users to the problem.

What happened to the faulty AMD Windows Update?

After the new AMD update worried users, some went online to voice their complaints. One such voice was on the Windows 10 subreddit, with u / Tjuren_sew posting a thread called "(AMD Systems) Windows Update installs SCSI drivers and makes SSD unavailable = BSOD not a boot device".

The user explains that Windows Update has downloaded an AMD driver. You had a bad feeling about it and your PC must have had a blue screen of death (BSOD) when booting. After three BSOD starts, Windows 10 Automatic Repair saved the day using a previous restore point.

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Fortunately, a Windows 10 engineer jumped on the thread and gave a short but nice answer that Microsoft had pulled the update. If you're using AMD, you can now safely update your operating system without worrying about the faulty update being downloaded.

A practical solution for AMD-based Windows 10 PCs

A recent Windows update caused a lot of grief to AMD PC owners, but the update was thankfully removed. Now is the time to refresh your PC without getting into a BSOD loop.

Despite Window's problems with AMD, it is still worth using if you're making a gaming PC. AMD has been busy filling the void over the competition for the past several years, and its processors are no longer the second best option behind Intel's offerings.

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