Now you can experience the entirety of Windows 11, from the first splash screen to a fully functional PC.

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Windows 11 hasn't officially released yet, but Microsoft has definitely made it easy to get a beta version of its new operating system. Now Microsoft has made the process even easier by officially releasing Windows 11 ISOs for Insiders to download.

New Windows 11 ISOs from Microsoft

Microsoft has hit the horn on Windows blogs with a new Windows 11 Insider build. However, before going into the details of what this new build does, Microsoft explains that ISOs are now available for download.

The ISOs are essential to Microsoft's test plans as they give users the complete experience of installing Windows 11 on their PC. Previously, users got the Windows 11 beta by upgrading their current Windows 10 system, but this doesn't replicate the same experience someone has when installing the operating system on a new PC.

Microsoft calls this the "out-of-box experience" (OOBE) because that's what you see between unpacking the CD and a fully functional Windows 11 PC. Now that official ISOs are available for everyone to download, users can test the Windows 11 OOBE for themselves and report any problems or errors they encounter.

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If you'd like to try the ISO for yourself, go to the Windows Insider Preview Downloads page and get it there. If you don't see the option to download Windows 11, it is because you are either not signed in to the Insider builds or you are not signed into your Insider account.

Of course, if you remember, this update isn't all about the ISOs. Microsoft has made a few changes to Windows 11, even if they aren't as exciting as the official ISOs. For example, you can now give your PC a name during Windows 11 OOBE so that your network is not full of randomly generated device names by default.

There's also a brand new clock app for Windows 11. That includes a new feature called Focus Sessions that lets you set a short timer to get the job done. During the timer, Windows pauses your music so that you can work in peace. Microsoft talks more about this on the Windows Insider Blog.

Microsoft is finally breaking the ISO

If you've been looking for an official Windows 11 Beta ISO, now is the time to step into action and grab one. The Windows 11 ISO gives you an idea of ​​what it will be like to reinstall the operating system from scratch so you know what to expect when it is officially released.

Will the Windows 10 loyalists stay in the mud now that Microsoft is getting their money's worth with Windows 11? Fortunately, Microsoft's track record of supporting older operating systems shows that Windows 10 users needn't worry.


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