Microsoft Proclaims New Options for its Outlook apps

The number of instant messages sent between 6:00 p.m. has increased by 52%. and midnight to Microsoft. Much of the increase is happening on phones, so Microsoft focused on its iOS and Android apps in the last round of Outlook updates.

One of these updated app features is called "Meeting Insights" for Outlook for Android. With Meeting Insights, the Outlook Android app shows messages and files relevant to your meeting directly in the event details in your calendar. Meeting Insights works well with improvements to suggested responses on mobile devices and in Outlook on the web.

With the Outlook mobile feature, you can now see suggestions for sending your availability or planning a meeting when someone wants to meet with you.

There's also an improved one-tap-to-join feature for online meetings. While Microsoft Teams and Outlook are working together to make it easier for you to attend meetings, it has now been updated to support Zoom and Webex so that you can attend these meetings directly from your email. You can also use a new default setting to automatically create online meetings without having to worry about sharing a link.

The last new feature for Outlook on mobile devices is the ability to easily create a task from a mobile email message. Simply select the item to create a task both on the phone and on the Internet.

Android users are now getting the same functionality to play my emails that iOS users have long enjoyed. It uses Cortana so you can listen to and answer your emails while doing other things.

Elsewhere, there are new features in the web version of Outlook. For those with busy days, Microsoft makes it easier to view the details of a meeting directly in the Outlook inbox without having to go to the Calendar section of the experience. Users can switch between messages and meeting details, view the attendee list and see who is attending the meeting, and even add an online meeting directly from an email.

You also get the option to add a personal calendar to a work calendar in Outlook on the web. This ensures that if a business event conflicts with your personal events, your schedule will be shown as full and no details or information will be available to the organizers. There's even a new snooze email feature that lets you mute emails you don't want to reply to right away.

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