Microsoft PowerToys v0.27 Arrives With out a Video Convention Instrument

Are you expecting the PowerToys video conferencing tool? You will wait a little longer …

The latest update to Microsoft PowerToys introduces some useful new features. Unfortunately, this doesn't include the highly anticipated video conferencing utility.

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Although the video conferencing tool has been in development for months, it is not yet available. However, there are many other updates in the open source project that you should consider.

What's in Microsoft PowerToys Release v0.27.0?

PowerToys is a collection of system utilities specially designed for power Windows users.

The project started in the days of Windows 95 but is now an open source project that anyone can contribute to or use. Utilities include FancyZones, a screen management tool, Color Picker, a built-in HEX and RGB color selection tool, and Keyboard Manager, a tool for remapping buttons and shortcuts.

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PowerToys Update 0.27 contains updates for several utilities.

  • FancyZones receives an update to recognize and manipulate multiple monitors so that you can easily change your configuration. There's also now the option of not having a specific layout and moving your monitors anywhere in the editing tool.
  • Color picker comes with an updated user interface along with a new color selection editor.
  • Image resizer receives a new and updated interface that makes it easier to resize and manage images.
  • PowerToys are running, a similar tool to the macOS Spotlight tool, and PowerRename Both get tweaks to improve performance.
  • General updates include a new PowerToys dark mode, which is always welcome, several accessibility fixes, and localization changes.

The goals for the PowerToys 0.27 update were "end-user experience, stability, accessibility, localization and quality of life". The introduction of a dark mode certainly helps to achieve this end-user goal.

Many users are waiting for the PowerToys video conferencing tool.

The tool enables users to quickly end the video and audio in an online meeting. The tool is a response to the massive increase in remote working and online meetings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The PowerToys Release Notes mention that the video conferencing tool "will be available in about a week" and that the tool needed "extra work" before shipping.

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If you want to use Microsoft PowerToys, go to the PowerToys Release page on GitHub, find the latest version, and download the PowerToysSetup. When the download is complete, double-click the file to run the installer and follow the instructions on the screen.

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