Microsoft Points DMCA Takedown Notices to Websites Internet hosting Leaked Home windows 11 ISO

Hosting a leaked Windows 11 ISO? Microsoft is coming to bring you down.

If you've been wondering about the authenticity of the Windows 11 leak, it's time to stop. Microsoft is issuing DMCA deactivation notices to websites that host the leaked Windows 11 ISO, forcing those hosting the new operating system to remove it or face the consequences.

That Microsoft's cracking down on the leaked Windows 11 ISO almost certainly confirms that this is the real deal, albeit in an unfinished pre-release format.

Confirmation: The Windows 11 leak is real

As the Fossbytes team first discovered, Microsoft has issued an official DMCA deactivation notice against Indian tech site Beebom. The DMCA complaint description claims:

The article distributes Windows 11 ISO (copyrighted to Microsoft). Please remove the article from the search. It's a leaked copy of the unreleased Windows 11.

An official DMCA notice requires that the host site either remove the objectionable content or remove the article (not the entire site) from search results.

Websites reporting the Windows 11 leak won't feel Microsoft's attention – but those hosting the leaked Windows 11 ISO will. At this time there is no official list of websites that have received notice of deactivation for hosting the Windows 11 ISO.

However, given how quickly users uploaded the leak to major hosting services, and how smug some websites have been about the leak, it's not surprising that DMCA notices appear.

In fact, it's just surprising how long it took Microsoft to respond to the distribution of the Windows 11 leak, as it is clearly a pre-release version that lacks gloss and lack of functionality. In fact, that so much of the Windows 11 leak looks and feels like Windows 10 is probably another reason Microsoft wants to remove it from easily accessible websites.

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All eyes on Microsoft's conference on June 24th

Now that we've sifted through the Windows 11 leak with our own paws, we're sure that the Windows 11 leak is real. The loading screens, Windows spec screen, and other core data have confirmed this.

Even so, many people thought the Windows 11 leak was a fake. Or, if not fake, it was Microsoft's job to elevate the profile of the new operating system.

Sure, some of these people will now argue that this is only part of the marketing ploy and that we are being carried away, but it's way too much hassle for a company that it doesn't take that long to complete an important one promote new product.

Windows 11 is a gold mine for advertising and marketing without resorting to such guerrilla tactics.

With that in mind, all eyes are now on Microsoft's big event on June 24, 2021, which many believe will be the real big reveal.

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