Microsoft Outlook on the Net Will get Improved Calendar View

Microsoft is updating its popular Outlook e-mail service on the web with new features that will help you better manage your calendar and take control of your busy day.

The first feature, known as the Outlook Calendar Card, toggles the sometimes difficult-to-understand grid view of your calendar that you are familiar with. This will show your meetings and tasks in a free-form view so you can learn more about what's on your calendar. It also has a customizable visual tool for organizing and managing calendars, files, reminders and to-do lists in one place.

You can try the Outlook Calendar Board today by signing in to your Outlook for the web account and selecting Board from the Calendar Views drop-down menu. If you don't see it, you can check these details to enable it.

In addition to the Outlook calendar board, Microsoft is also introducing recommended times in Outlook Mobile. This feature uses artificial intelligence and can learn from your work-related Outlook accounts to suggest dates and times for the availability of participants for meetings.

Microsoft mentioned that important meeting time information is otherwise difficult to see on a small phone screen with artificial intelligence intervening.

"Outlook Mobile will be A.I. to understand the meeting owner's commitments, priorities, and preferences, and suggest times for meetings when attendees are free even when the meeting owner doesn't, ”said Microsoft.

This is just the first of many features Microsoft is planning for Outlook. Emoji responses to emails as well as a new sidebar loader with links to the Microsoft 365 apps are two more things Outlook is about to offer. There's even a rumor that Microsoft may be working on a new "One Outlook" app that will redesign the desktop email client as a lean web app.

Microsoft is also announcing new features for teams. Thanks to Microsoft Teams Connect, you can share team channels externally and internally, making it easier for everyone to access important workflows. There's also the introduction of PowerPoint Live and Presentation Modes to Teams, which will help presenters deliver a more meaningful presentation with notes, slides, and charts in a single view.

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