Clippy may be making a comeback, but differently than you might expect.

Microsoft is serious about bringing Clippy back from the Windows graveyard. But don't worry – his resurrection won't bring back his intrusive messages. Instead, it will take the form of a Microsoft 365 emoji.

Clippy can be used as an emoji. to return

In a tweet, Microsoft promised to bring Clippy back as a paperclip emoji on one condition: the tweet must reach 20,000 likes.

Users really need to have a love-hate relationship with the infamous Microsoft Office helper as the number of likes quickly exceeded Microsoft's goal. That number is still rising, so Microsoft better stick with its promise.

If the image Microsoft has alongside its tweet depicts what Clippy would look like as an emoji, you may have noticed some noticeable changes in its appearance. Clippy takes on a thicker frame, has more inviting eyes, and has short and thick brows. After all, it's only fitting that Clippy get a makeover before decorating our desktops again.

Having Clippy as a static paper clip emoji is a far cry from its presumptuous presence in Microsoft Office. The anthropomorphic paper clip has often been danced around in the corner of your screen, interrupting your workflow and giving unwanted advice.

Clippy was available in Microsoft Office from 1997, but was officially killed in 2007. Its decades of running time had a huge impact on users, most of whom despised the glittering creature.

When Clippy returns as an emoji, you will at least have a choice whether or not to bring it up. Also, the lips of the paperclip stay closed as an emoji (hopefully).

Is Microsoft really going to bring back Clippy?

Microsoft has yet to confirm whether or not Clippy will be brought back as an emoji. His tweet got well over 20,000 likes, so in theory it should come back. However, this could all be just a big joke from Microsoft that would definitely be a disappointment for die-hard Clippy fans.

It wouldn't be so surprising if Microsoft added a clippy emoji, however. The company released a number of nostalgic Microsoft Teams wallpapers, one of which features a picture of Clippy in what appears to be an office.

But in the blog post accompanying the new background, Microsoft's comment contradicted his latest tweet. Microsoft hinted that Clippy won't be returning anytime soon. "No, Clippy is not part of Microsoft 365," Microsoft wrote.

Does that mean Clippy isn't even coming back in the form of an emoji and Microsoft's tweet is just an empty promise? In this case, it's hard to tell.

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