Microsoft Might Reveal Its Cloud PC Service Quickly

It's been taking a long time, but Microsoft could announce its alleged cloud PC service on July 15, 2021.

For some time now we've been seeing hints, rumors, and leaks about a brand new Windows 10 cloud computing service offered by Microsoft itself. As it turns out, the tech giant could soon announce its plans during its Inspire conference, and there is evidence to support that theory.

Microsoft's potential cloud PC announcement

ZDNet discovered the possible announcement after looking at Inspire's schedule. On July 15, 2021, an event entitled "What & # 39; s Next in End-User Computing" will take place.

The event promises to educate visitors "about the latest Microsoft cloud solution to enable hybrid work". This description sounds suspiciously close to Microsoft's rumored cloud PC service.

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Do you want more evidence? If you dive a little deeper, you'll find that Scott Manchester is hosting the event. Manchester is the leading developer of many of Microsoft's cloud-based services, which in itself looks promising.

However, ZDNet has another trick up its sleeve. One of their sources claims that Manchester was working on Microsoft's cloud PC service all along. If so, it adds great credibility to the theory that Microsoft will be lifting the stamen from its cloud PC service during its Inspire event.

Unfortunately, Microsoft declined to comment on the theory, presumably to keep the main event as a surprise. Hence, we can't know what this event is really about until it goes live.

What is Microsoft's Cloud PC Service?

When you hear about this topic for the first time, rumors of a new cloud PC service from Microsoft have been simmering since late 2020. Unfortunately, Microsoft is good at keeping things under wraps since we only know the bare minimum about the service.

However, we do know that the service allows you to rent a Windows-based computer that you can connect to over the internet. This means that as long as you have an internet connection, you can access your PC in the cloud from anywhere and with any device.

A leak from late 2020 indicated that cloud PC service will have a business focus. It enables professionals and businesses alike to quickly rent a window machine when their work requires.

The leak also revealed three different levels of computing: Medium, Heavy, and Advanced. These levels offer different hardware specifications to suit your needs. We don't know much about the hardware specs for each tier, however, and any information we've learned has likely changed since late 2020.

A silver lining on Microsoft's cloud PCs

Microsoft has been very secretive about its cloud PCs, but that could change very soon. During Microsoft's Inspire 2021, keep your eyes peeled for potential news on the topic.

Because Microsoft may have a business focus with its cloud PCs, gamers may find the disclosed system specifications inappropriate to run the latest and greatest games. However, there are already many gaming cloud services out there such as Project xCloud, GeForce Now, and Shadow.

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