Microsoft Licenses Home windows 10 for New Honor Laptops

Honor can now ship laptops to US consumers with Windows 10.

Microsoft Honor feature

Microsoft has granted the Chinese manufacturer Honor a license to ship hardware with Windows 10. Previously, Honor, as a trademark of Huawei, was bound by the regulation that banned U.S. tech companies from working with or buying from Chinese telecommunications companies

That situation has now changed because Huawei has sold Honor and used it to do business with US companies.

Microsoft grants Windows 10 license in honor

Honor primarily makes laptops and smartphones and starts life as a budget for Huawei to mid-range. Over time, Honor devices' popularity has exploded as Huawei's premium technology has been filtered down to low-cost devices.

In November 2020, Huawei sold Honor to Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology Co., Ltd. for $ 15.3 billion, freeing Honor for business with US companies for the first time.

Prior to the sale, Honor was bound by the same business restrictions that apply to Huawei, which itself was prevented from doing business with US companies because a foreign company was classified as a national security risk.

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Huawei phones spy

Despite President Trump's extension of the original executive order to May 2021, Honor is now considered a consumer electronics company rather than a telecommunications company. The main difference is that Huawei develops and manufactures critical communication technologies as well as consumer electronics.

The news that Microsoft will license Windows 10 to Honor is a huge step forward for the newly separated company. Speaking to the China Daily, Honor CEO Zhao Ming said:

Honor is excited about a global collaboration agreement with Microsoft. With popular operating systems and technologies, we will provide consumers with PC products with outstanding design, high performance and first-class experience. Honor insists on taking consumers as its core and maintaining a completely open mindset, and will work with global industrial chain partners.

Before Honor became an independent company, it had the prospect of shipping laptops running Harmony OS, an Android-based operating system developed by Huawei. A switch to Harmony OS would have severely damaged the Honor brand, while shipping with Windows 10 would revive Honor worldwide.

When will Windows 10 Honor laptops ship?

There is no specific schedule on Honor laptops that ship Windows 10 in the US. There are a few things we do know, however.

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US consumers can look forward to the great Honor MagicBook Pro, which is available along with Windows 10 at US retailers. The Honor MagicBook Pro was also one of our top picks from IFA 2020 and remains a stylish and popular choice for laptops.

Microsoft Shake to minimize the function

Microsoft will remove the practical Windows function in the upcoming update

The window minimization function is expected to leave Windows 10 in early 2021.

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