Microsoft Is Shortly Changing into Chrome’s Largest Ally

Now that Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge share the same code base, an improvement benefits the other.

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After Microsoft Edge switched to a Chromium base, the software giant has tried to make its browser the first choice for Windows 10 users. That's not to say Microsoft and its biggest rival, Google Chrome, have all bad blood. In fact, Microsoft is fast becoming one of Chrome's greatest allies.

How is Microsoft helping Google Chrome?

WindowsLatest reported that Google Chrome may soon be running better thanks to Microsoft. This is because Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are now using the same code base after the latter made the jump to Google's Chromium browser base.

Every time Microsoft makes improvements to Edge, it helps Chrome too. For example, Microsoft is working on fixing Chromium's jerky scrolling, which will help both Chrome and Edge in the long run.

To do this, Microsoft implements the scrolling of "Impulse" in the Chromium base. When Pulses is enabled, the scrolling speed changes to do a quick descent first, but then slows down due to friction.

The user feels that the scrolling is more responsive due to its fast initial speed. However, the slowdown due to simulated friction prevents the user from dragging past where they want to go.

Microsoft Edge already has its own version of this feature called EdgeHTML. However, this feature should be available in Google Chrome in the future.

Google and Microsoft: Big Tech's New Best Friends?

This isn't the first time the two big tech companies have worked together. Previously, Microsoft was one of Android's greatest allies while it was working on the Surface Duo.

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The Surface Duo was a big moment for Microsoft as the company experimented with a dual-screen mobile device for the first time. Microsoft chose Android as the duo's operating system, so it had to work with and improve on Google's offerings in order to achieve the dual-screen miracle.

Since both Chromium and Android have open source bases, Microsoft can code commits at any time. These updates then help anyone using the same code base, which means Microsoft will become a powerful ally when it comes to making Google's operating systems the best it can be.

Sometimes a rival is a best friend

While Microsoft is doing everything it can to make Edge the best browser on the web, that doesn't mean it detests Google and its powerful Chrome browser. With Microsoft Edge's Chromium foundation, the two companies are now closer than ever.

Even so, it would be a bad idea for Google to assume that Edge always lives in the shadow of Chrome. Microsoft Edge recently hit 600 million users and it doesn't seem to be stopping anytime soon.

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