Microsoft Is Making Massive Adjustments to Home windows 10’s Mail App

The software giant wants to get all of your emails under the banner of Outlook.

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For some, the Windows 10 Mail app is a useful way of checking your email. for others, it's just another tile in the start menu. Whichever camp you are in, you'll be pleased to know that Microsoft plans to convert the Mail app to "One Outlook" to better fit the software giant's range of products.

What we know about the new One Outlook app

We don't have any announcements from Microsoft about this revision, but we've dug up some details from a work in progress version of the app.

Twitter user @WinObs discovered the feature while exploring. They found a new mail app with documentation and a download link, but the program denied access to anyone without an internal Microsoft account.

However, we can still get a lot of information from the documentation alone. The app is called "One Outlook" with the code name "Monarch" and is intended as an email app for larger screens.

One Outlook is still in a very difficult stage of development. The instructions state that installing the program can trigger various security warnings because it has not yet been signed and will not be recognized by security programs.

Even if you manage to bypass the security warnings and install the program, Microsoft does not recommend anyone using One Outlook for any serious work at this time. It is only intended for "brave dog food" – developers who use their own products on a daily basis to find bugs before they're released.

Microsoft also plans to deploy One Outlook on the web and make a test app available on Azure websites. However, at the time of writing, the web app is not available.

Bring every Microsoft app under a banner

This move is likely part of Microsoft's plan to bring all of its products together into one ecosystem. This way, users have all the productivity tools they need at hand at all times.

We've seen Microsoft push this mentality before. Previously, the company implemented Microsoft Forms in Teams and then allowed apps to pop out of the main Teams app. Microsoft didn't want people to leave Teams for any reason. This made Teams a one-stop-shop for all of your productivity needs.

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This mentality is probably why Microsoft One wants to implement Outlook for all Windows 10 and web apps. It's a smart move to make sure users get the same user experience regardless of the format they prefer.

A quick look at what's to come

Microsoft wants to combine its desktop and web apps under One Outlook. We'll have to wait for more information on how One Outlook works to better understand the company's plans.

An Outlook is now joining Microsoft Cloud as another work in progress service that we know little about. If both are officially announced, it can cement Microsoft's position as the top service provider in the new work-from-home culture.

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