Microsoft Is Bringing Customized Colour Accents to the Edge Browser

You can use the color accent picker to give the Microsoft Edge browser a colorful flair.

Microsoft Edge color accents

Microsoft Edge is supposed to get a handy theme color picker that allows you to easily switch colors in your browser.

The color picker tool is currently available in Microsoft Edge Canary, the daily update channel for the Edge browser.

What is Microsoft Edge Color Picker?

The Microsoft Edge Color Picker is a new feature for the default Windows 10 web browser. It lets you choose a default color for your browser and change the color highlighting accent at the top of the browser, as well as the color for each new tab you open.

Microsoft Edge new tab color option

At the time of writing, colors are limited to Microsoft's choices, such as: B. Dark blue, pink, teal, etc. They aren't terrible, but they may not be your first option.

A later update to the color picker tool will allow users to pick any color from their desktop background and customize your browser to match the rest of your carefully crafted desktop aesthetic.

The color picker is still a work in progress, but you can combine it with Microsoft Edge's standard theme options (currently light, dark, or system standard) to create an additional style.

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You can now use Microsoft Edge Accent Color – but only if you are using Microsoft Edge Canary.

Microsoft operates three main update channels for the Edge browser.

The stable channel receives updates approximately every six weeks, and the updates are extensively tested prior to rollout. The Dev Channel receives weekly updates and highlights upcoming features that are ready for testing.

While the Canary Channel receives daily updates and is the most up-to-date with the Microsoft Edge update channels. You can find downloads for the Insider channels on the Microsoft Edge Insider website.

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After downloading and installing Microsoft Edge Canary, you can use the browser flags to enable the accent color tool. Browser flags are special experimental options available to Chromium-based browsers. You can find similar experimental flags in, for example, Google Chrome.

To enable the accent color picker:

  1. entrance Edge: // flags in the address bar of the browser and press Enter.

  2. Art Color theme in the flag search bar and search # Edge color theme selection.

  3. Activate the color picker option and restart your browser if you are given the option.

After reloading the browser, go to Settings> Appearance. From here you can customize the default Microsoft Edge theme and choose your accent color.

Microsoft Edge Appearance Color Accent

Other than that, Google Chrome gets the same color accent selection option. Since Microsoft Edge is now a Chromium-based browser, it makes sense that the two browsers get the update within a similar amount of time.

There is a difference, however. The Google Chrome version includes the "Color Picker Eyedropper" option that allows you to pick a color from your screen as a browser accent. As with Microsoft Edge, you'll need to enable these options in the Chrome flags menu.

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