Windows 10X is reportedly behind for now and may never be available.

Windows 10X won't launch anytime soon, if at all, as Microsoft is investing its resources in a Windows 10 update with an updated user interface codenamed "Sun Valley".

Windows 10X not coming out?

Microsoft promised that Windows 10X will ship in spring 2021.

However, plans have reportedly changed as the ill-fated software was apparently put on hold before launch. Apparently that's because Microsoft has been too busy working on a new version of Windows that is slated to hit the pike later this year.

According to a story from

On the way to spring 2021, the plans for the operating system change again. According to those familiar with the company's plans, Microsoft won't ship Windows 10X this year, and the operating system as you know it today is likely to never arrive.

As a result, Windows 10X is on its backbone for now.

What is Windows 10X?

Windows 10X is a variant of the Microsoft operating system designed for use on the Surface Neo (Microsoft folding device), dual-screen devices, and other multi-screen form factors.

The operating system shares basic technologies with the regular Windows edition, including the core functions of the operating system and the NT kernel. In addition, it has a redesigned user interface that is optimized for touch input and certain interactions on phones and tablets with two screens.

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Windows 10X should come with a redesigned Start menu that removes tiles. However, the project was characterized by various challenges from the start.

Windows 10X was originally announced in October 2019 as Microsoft's response to Google's Chrome OS. However, after just six months, Microsoft admitted that the original version of Windows 10X would only work on single screens like clamshell laptops and 2-in-1 PCs.

Did Microsoft Kill Windows 10X?

And now we are learning that this exciting project may have been suspended indefinitely, which is a shame. Keep in mind that this is just a rumor based on information from people supposedly familiar with the matter. For its part, Microsoft has not yet officially announced that it will not give up Windows 10X yet.

It's entirely possible that work will continue on Windows 10X after Microsoft finishes a visual overhaul of the Windows 10 desktop editions and got the wind back.

What is Windows 10X and how to try it out?

Have you heard of a new version of Windows 10? Here's what you need to know about Windows 10X and try the emulator.

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