Microsoft Halts Floor Hub 2S Replace Rollout to Resolve Points

Microsoft is temporarily stopping the Surface Hub 2S update until the issues are resolved.

Microsoft Surface Hub S2 function

Microsoft is temporarily suspending the rollout of its latest update to the Surface Hub 2S after numerous customers reported post-installation issues.

The update, which was introduced in late October 2020, causes a number of issues for the Windows collaborative devices.

Microsoft is pausing Surface Hub updates

The Microsoft Surface Hub device isn't getting many updates. The last major Surface Hub update was released in 2017, which means many devices are running three-year-old software.

This update brings the Surface Hub 2S hardware to Windows version 20H2, the latest version of Windows. The 20H2 update for Windows 10 end devices such as PCs and laptops was introduced in October.

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A Surface Pro X.

Microsoft started updating Surface Hub 2S devices at the end of October 2020 and deployed the new update in four phases. The first phase was conducted for the first time on equipment in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Belgium and Mexico. In phase two, the update was made available to devices in Great Britain, Japan, Switzerland and Italy.

From the week of November 30, 2020, the update for the Surface Hub 2S hardware in the USA and Germany should be carried out in phase three. With the worldwide rollout from December 7, 2020.

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However, the rollout of Windows 20H2 on Surface Hub 2S devices will be suspended until 2021.

The problems and reasons for this delay include:

  • Active Directory authentication failed

  • Proxy authentication failed

  • Calendar synchronization and Microsoft Exchange issues affecting mailboxes as well

  • Problems with device registration

  • Windows Server Update Services driver update failed

  • Microsoft Whiteboard is not updated

  • Some users also report random WiFi disconnection issues after the update

For more information on the problems with the introduction of updates, see the official Microsoft documentation. The documentation also provides workarounds for some of the issues Surface Hub 2S owners face.

When will first generation Surface Hubs be updated?

First-generation Surface Hub owners will have to wait even longer to be upgraded. The Microsoft Surface IT Pro blog states that Microsoft continues to "make progress in finalizing this version and will provide more details as they become available."

Microsoft also recommends that Surface Hub 2S owners install the update if they see it on their device. However, you do so with the knowledge that some Surface Hubs will have issues after installation.

Additionally, Microsoft recommends not to reset your Surface Hub 2S if it stops working after the update. Instead, you should opt for a bare metal restore according to Microsoft's documentation.

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