Microsoft Floor Go, Floor Professional 7 In The Low cost Bin — Save Up To $230

If you need a good alternative to your standard Windows desktop, but can do without the bulk of most laptops, this excellent selection of Microsoft Surface offerings may be just what you're looking for. Both Microsoft Surface Go and Surface Pro 7 have their own merits, so everything comes down to what you prioritize more: performance or portability.

Microsoft Surface Go – $ 469 was $ 549

There isn't much difference on the surface between Microsoft Surface Go and Surface Pro 7, apart from the obvious size differences. The Microsoft Surface Go has a 10-inch PixelSense display that displays images in a resolution of 1,800 x 1,200 and offers a razor-sharp image quality that can easily keep up with some iPad Pro models.

The biggest selling point of the Surface Go is that it is incredibly light at just £ 1.15. Because it's light as a feather, you can carry it around with just one hand without breaking a sweat. It comes with its own stand, which, unlike iPads, allows you to stand alone without an additional keyboard / case. You can also purchase a separate type cover to turn it into a mini laptop that you can work with while walking. Connectivity has USB-C, MicroSDXC and headphone inputs. A USB-A port is missing, but this shouldn't be a deal breaker.

In terms of performance, the Microsoft Surface Go is powered by an Intel Pentium Gold processor with 8 GB RAM for decent multitasking functions with undemanding tasks like office work, documentation and file storage. It's not a real laptop replacement like the Surface Pro 7, and more of a tablet that doubles a laptop rather than the other way around, but it still has enough power to do the day-to-day work. This means that the Windows 10 operating system is not fully utilized. However, if you value portability towards electricity, this shouldn't be a problem.

The Surface Go has a 128 GB SSD for all your storage needs with faster transfer speeds than a normal hard drive. Office 365 offers OneDrive as additional 1TB cloud storage if you ever find that offline storage is missing. When fully charged, the Surface Go can work and work continuously for up to nine hours without interruption, so you don't have to hunt for work at night if you let it charge overnight.

If you're looking for a perfectly good tablet hybrid with a focus on mobility, you can check out Microsoft Surface Go on Amazon, where it offers a $ 469 discount off the usual retail price of $ 549.


Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – $ 799 was $ 1,029

While the Microsoft Surface Go is good and beautiful, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is definitely the best choice if you have a little more weight and prefer a laptop hybrid that packs a real punch under the hood. It's slightly larger than the Surface Go with its 12.3-inch PixelSense display and weighs just 0.55 pounds more at 1.7 pounds. It's noticeably harder to wear than the Surface Go, but the difference is so small that it's negligible in the long run. The resolution of 2,736 x 1,824 is also far superior to the Go and most laptops. It surpasses the QHD displays and renders all multimedia content in extremely high quality, making them ideal for film playback and photo editing.

Surface Pro 7 has its own built-in stand, so you can switch between laptop and tablet modes in seconds. This offer also includes a free Type Cover keyboard that makes the Surface Pro 7 one of the most practical and versatile laptop hybrids on the market. Thanks to the USB-A, USB-C, MicroSDXC and headphone inputs, which do not require adapters every day and ensure future security, you will also notice no shortage in the connectivity department.

In contrast to the Surface Go, the Surface Pro 7 with its 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor with 8 GB RAM offers significantly more robust hardware. This means that the Pro 7 is ideally equipped for above-average multitasking functions that enable it to outperform a good number of laptops in a variety of areas. Microsoft Office 365 is also not wasted. Due to the technical data of the Surface Pro 7, it can process any program in its office suite without any problems. While this leads to a significant jump in the price of the hybrid, it's definitely worth investing in it, especially if your laptop doesn't cut it.

For storage, it also has a 128 GB SSD, which reduces file transfer delays and ensures that your system runs smoothly. The Surface Pro 7's 10.5-hour battery life is just the icing on the cake, so you can keep working long after your shift. It can charge up to 80% in just an hour. If you want a powerful laptop replacement to complete your workstation with a free boot type cover, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is definitely a must. You can try Best Buy, where it is currently available for $ 799 starting at a retail price of $ 1,029.


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