Not only has the error been fixed, but any corrupted FLAC files can be repaired using a Powershell program.

Did you recently edit the metadata of a FLAC file on Windows 10 so it suddenly stopped playing? If you have, don't worry; Microsoft not only fixed this nasty bug, but the Redmond company also provided a solution to get your lossless pieces of music working again.

Microsoft's fix for the Windows 10 FLAC bug

If you go to the Microsoft support website, you can find details about what caused the error and how to fix it. In short, when you edited the metadata of a FLAC file, Windows 10 ignored the file structure and saved it incorrectly. This made the file unplayable.

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Microsoft recommends downloading the May 25, 2021 Preview build, KB5003214, if you want to prevent this problem from occurring again. The update contains a solution to this problem so that you can edit the metadata of your FLAC file again to your heart's content.

If you've already damaged some of your FLAC files, Microsoft has released a Powershell command that will fix them again. Visit the Microsoft support website and follow the instructions there to resolve the problem.

Unfortunately, the update will delete any changes you made to the metadata before the corruption. However, the file should be functional again.

Back to the FLAC in Windows 10

A nasty Windows 10 metadata error caused the FLAC files to be corrupted, but all is not lost. In addition to releasing a fix, Microsoft has given everyone a Powershell command that will help normalize users' music libraries back to normal.

If you'd rather skip the hassle of FLAC files, try a streaming service instead. The concept of streaming your music over the internet can pucker your lips, but services like TIDAL can give you the highest quality audio experience.

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